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Hi, my name is Phillip Beardslee, most people call me Phil.


I am the proud owner of SoccerSkillsU.com.


Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my Soccer Skills University website.


Soccer has been a part of my life since I was 6-years-old. The first time I kicked a soccer ball I can remember never wanting to give it up. Actually, my very first word out of my mouth as a baby was “Ball”, or at least that is what my parents told me anyway!


This deep desire to play the game of soccer continues today and I love to help other kids and young people have that same passion as well.


Making it a point throughout the years to improve my soccer skills by getting my hands (or should I say feet) on every drill and opportunity that was available to me, has allowed me to develop coaching skills to help your student/child.




Developing these coaching skills and drills have equipped me with many of the shooting, passing, dribbling drills, etc, you need to help catapult your child’s soccer skills from “good” to “great”.




I will even let you in on the secrets of what the top, semi-pro, Brazilian, soccer players are doing to take their game to the next level.




I always grew up as one of the smallest players on the field.


In a game where strength and conditioning is one of the keys to defending people from the ball for the full 90 minutes, that was a problem.




I did not let my small stature hinder me from getting pushed off the ball. I made it a point to work on my strength, speed, footwork, and overall intensity to dribble around players regardless of how small I was and I can teach your student or child similar things.


One of the things that helped me increase the quality of my game was spending hours after practice kicking the ball against a brick wall working on my footwork and ball control skills. Juggling 100 times before leaving the soccer practice field also helped me a lot.


Everyone knows that each individual is competing against each other striving for the opportunity to get as much playing time as possible.Kids Soccer Training


So, making sure I was equipped with the proper skills and drills was a key component for me to grow as a player!


It will be no different for the student/child I am coaching.




I learned a quote a long time ago that has stuck with me for many years that I love a lot…


People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care –Unknown


It is my belief that the player’s heart should always come first.


Way too often coaches care more about their player’s performance rather than the player’s heart. They are quick to instruct and teach rather than listen and be aware. There is so much pressure on kids these days to perform better and it is hindering their performance, not to mention pressures at home or school that can wreak havoc on the child’s emotions.


Much of the content that I will be teaching your student is going to focus on how to improve your soccer skills such as footwork, speed, passing, dribbling, etc.


However, like I said in the above statement, your performance could be golden, but your heart and mental state can affect your performance on the field.


Attitude is a huge part of the game that most coaches never focus on. Even though the skill level might be high the attitude within is suffering the whole game.




My coaching and training will include mental skills as well as on the field soccer skills to help with the student’s complete skill level.




In the end, all I want to do is love, serve, and provide you or your child with valuable tools to take their soccer skills to the next level. By practicing every day, they can and WILL get better!


Doing this with a personal soccer coach, however, will only help catapult the player much quicker into the skill level they are looking for.


So take a few minutes to look around at the top soccer skills and drills here at SoccerSkillsU.com.


I promise you won’t regret it!


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Coach Up Reviews

Coach Phil is the co-founder of SoccerSkillsU.com and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his CoachUp profile.



PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


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Jon Van Buren

Coach Phil, doctor of soccer skills!
Dr. Phil !!

Awesome website! As a church youth leader will defiantly pass this site onto our soccer athletes!


Hey Jon! Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope your soccer athletes will benefit from my website.
Loving, Serving, and Bringing Value to others,
-Coach Phil

Scott Hayes

Love your heart behind what you do. It’s absolutely important to stay attuned to your players’ needs beyond the field.


Scott! I totally agree! Staying attuned to your players creates so much on and off the field.
Loving, Serving and Bringing Value to Others
-Coach Phil

Warner Buelk

Great website Phillip! I’m so proud of you. You are taking your passion for soccer and people and making a differece in the game of life as well as soccer. Goooooaaaal!!


Warner! Thank you so much! I absolutely love the game of soccer but more importantly, I love seeing players learn how to lead well on and off the field.
Loving, Serving and Bringing Value to Others
-Coach Phil

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