The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes- Stop Wasting Money On Shoes That Don’t Last

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – Stop Wasting Money On Shoes That Don’t Last


How frustrating is it when you have to buy new indoor soccer shoes for you or your kids each year? Not only is it frustrating, but it is also expensive to have to keep buying the best indoor soccer shoes for your child every year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep forking out money just because my shoes fall apart.

It is inevitable, you or your child will go through soccer shoes as a kid goes through his Halloween candy. But I want to see if I can help prevent you from having to get new indoor shoes every season and save you time and money in the long run.

If you play soccer as much as I do, you cut, shoot, and get stepped on during games and practices, knowing full well your shoes are going through the wringer when playing.

That is why for me it is crucial to invest in a good pair of shoes to play in.

However, I am a frugal guy and have hard time buying shoes that are expensive. I tend to always go for the middle-class shoe, but I always regret it because they seem to not hold up as long.

In fact, I was practicing the other day and made two hard cuts right and left; I looked down at my shoe to see that the whole sole of my shoe ripped and half of my foot was hanging out. I bought these shoes 9 months ago ya’ll! Those were the middle-class shoes I was talking about. They were comfortable but lacked in quality.

Why Should You Keep Reading

First, I did all the research for you so you don’t have to do as much research. I needed shoes myself that were quality and comfortable so I decided to share all my research with you to save you time and make it easy for you. When I was looking for shoes, I said to myself, “I wish I had a bunch of information about indoor soccer shoes to make my decisions easier”. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury, but my loss is your gain.

So, here is all my research I found when looking to find the best quality indoor soccer shoes that fit my expectations.


1. Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Goal Soccer Shoe

Who doesn’t love Adidas anything? There is a reason why this shoe and company is still being used by millions of athletes.

Adidas soccer shoe brand has been around for a long time and has an incredible story behind it. Check out the story below.

These Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Goal Soccer Shoe, in particular, are lightweight and fit those that have a wider foot than the average person.

The one thing you don’t want when looking for indoor shoes is for them to be super tight and create discomfort while playing the game.

Pros- Crisp, Clean, and Comfy

First, these shoes are very clean and crisp. I personally am a fan of the clean look on shoes. Too many shoes today are super bright neon colors and I just prefer a cleaner look.

By all means, if you like the bright colors then maybe the other shoes in the list would be a better fit for you but remember that this shoe is super comfortable and is very lightweight, so you may want to comprise the look for the fit.

Second, you are less likely to see scuff marks. We all know that it is just a matter of time before someone steps on your shoes. The worst thing to have is a huge black scuff mark on your brand new shoes.

You are less likely to see the scuff marks when you buy these Adidas shoes.

Finally, these shoes are durable. They are durable because they are made with kangaroo leather. From what I know, kangaroo leather is super strong. Not only that but the leather allows for any foot to mold into the shoe to create a comfortable fit.

p.s. Just be aware that Adidas shoes tend to be bigger so make sure you try a size lower than your original size first to make sure they fit correctly.

2. NIKE Men’s Mercurial X Victory VI CR7

Anything with the letters CR7 after it deserves a bit of time drooling over. If you don’t know what CR7 stands for than let me help you.

CR7 was named after, Cristiano Ronaldo (#7), possibly the greatest soccer player to ever play the game. Now, just because it has CR7 doesn’t mean it is a perfect shoe but it was made for soccer players to be comfortable when playing and for those with narrow feet.

Pros- Outstanding Traction and Ankle Support

If you have ever bought any indoor shoes the main thing you should look for is a shoe with great traction. There are many other things you should look for, but the worst thing is for your shoes to slip on those futsal courts. This shoe has the traction you need!

I remember going to Brazil in 2011 and playing on some amazing indoor soccer courts. CLICK HERE to check out my story.

The shoes I took to Brazil struggled with the traction and I was slipping everywhere. This didn’t prevent me from scoring on the Brazilians, but it played a factor in my game.

If you are wondering what I did on my soccer Brazil trip? Check it out here.

Also, what I absolutely love about this shoe is the ability to have a little ankle support with the ankle sleeve that is attached as well as the tongueless detail.

I currently wear some Nikes with the ankle support detail and has the tongueless feature. Why would you not want a tongue? The reason for this is to create a tighter fit which is super helpful when playing soccer and allows your feet to feel the ball better and feel more secure.

Cons- Too Tight for Me

Like I said before, I have wide feet and so this shoe is a little snug on my feet. I feel like I have no room to breathe even when I try on a half size above my original size. Now, that doesn’t mean this is the case for you, so I would just suggest that you try on both your size and a half size bigger if you can just to see if it makes a difference.

3. Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango Turf Soccer Shoes

The shoes that let you get to the field five minutes before game time and slip on your shoes without tying them.


I don’t recommend arriving 5 minutes before game time. You should warm-up and stretch, but how amazing does it feel when you don’t even have to tie your shoes before playing soccer? All you have to do is slip these babies on and you are scoring goals and dribbling around people like Messi.

You are probably thinking, “How in the world do these shoes get tight enough for me to play in them without tying them?”. I thought the exact same thing. It is crazy that they have made a shoe that gives proper support and allows you to be mobile to play at a top-level.

Pros- Incredible Design and Mobility

I am in love with this design! I am not a guy who likes flashy shoes, so I probably wouldn’t go for the neon orange look. However, the option to choose blue and white is perfect.

Also, if you are playing soccer on turf the Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango Turf Soccer Shoes will help you be more mobile. The sole of the shoe is built specifically for turf with a softer cleat like sole for quick movements and change of direction.

At first glance, it looks like the sole of the shoe is hard but the sole is built with a rubber material and allows you to have great ball control. To be honest, this shoe feels like you don’t even have shoes on when playing.

Cons- Breathability

I have never had a problem with Adidas shoes not being breathable, but a couple of people did mention in reviews that this shoe was not breathable and the heel became unstitched after wearing them a few times. I have not experienced this, however, that isn’t to say it wouldn’t happen occasionally like any shoe.

4. Adidas Men’s Predator Indoor Shoe

Do you remember that time when you were playing Futsal and your shoes decided to have no grip so you embarrassed yourself by doing the splits?

Yup! That happened to me countless times. It’s really embarrassing when your opponent makes you look silly and scores on you. That happened to me as well!

In fact, I can think back on a pair of shoes that I constantly had to lick my hand and rub the bottom of my shoe just to make my shoe stick. I would do this over and over again during any futsal match and it kind of gets old after a while.

This rarely happens with the Adidas Predator shoes and I say rarely because I have to give that possibility that it could happen.

Pros- Reviews & Comments

Now, I know you can’t always believe all the reviews and comments because every shoe fits each player differently and each player has different preferences, but I would say Reviews and Comments sometimes make or break my decision to get a shoe or not.

I mentioned that I struggled before finding a shoe that had good grip regardless of the court or field. Hearing what this reviewer had to say about these shoes was a game changer for me. I was sold on everything else but was skeptical about the grip on the shoe.

A reviewer mentioned that he used these Adidas Men’s Predator Indoor Shoe on a dusty futsal field and the did the job. He had a good grip without slipping. A big reason that he probably had success is that the sole of these shoes is thin on top which helps with ball control and helps you grip the ball better. The back of the shoes is thicker which will help with making cuts faster and being able to maneuver past opponents.

I also love the mesh material that supports your ankle which gives you a snug fit and better ball control.

Cons- The Material

I would have to say I am a little concerned about the material on the top of the shoe. It looks like it is netted and I have had bad experiences with shoes that were like that. Within time my guess is my toe would make a hole in the front of the shoe and the mesh would tear.

5. Adidas Men’s Messi Turf Soccer Shoes

When it comes to design, I would say this shoe would be my top shoe. I am in love with both red and black together. In fact, you probably notice that my website is that color. But no one will buy a shoe just because of the way it looks. It needs to fit well and it needs to hold up well in games and matches.

So why did the Adidas Men’s Messi Turf Soccer Shoe make my top 5 list?

Pros- Designed by Lionel Messi

In my opinion, Messi is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) in the soccer world. There is so many people that debate this specific topic but now is not the time to get into it. We are talking about the shoes that Messi wears to be the G.O.A.T.

One of the most comforting things for me when looking at these shoes was seeing Messi’s name on the shoe.

Why is that comforting?

If the shoe was made for Messi, you better believe the shoe is designed in such a way that Messi approves. You wouldn’t put your name on something if it didn’t fit your expectation and the same goes for Messi. He wouldn’t put his name on a shoe and not like the design and the comfortability of the shoe.

When you are looking for a soccer shoe, you want to find a shoe that is going to be light and comfortable. This is what we find here with Messi’s shoes. I explain to countless people that you need to find shoes that make you feel like you aren’t wearing any. If a soccer shoe is super heavy it will slow your play down and it will feel super uncomfortable while playing.

Cons- The Only “BUT”

Would you agree that every shoe fits people in different ways?


Even though the Messi Turf shoes are Adidas, you may want to get them a half size up from your original size.

For Example:

  • Size 10 would be 10 1/2
  • Size 8 would be 8 1/2

I have heard that some people bought their original size and it fits them perfectly, but it is totally up to you.

Normally Adidas shoes run big and are for people with wider feet, but for some reason, this is not the case for these shoes.


At the end of the day, IT IS ALL UP TO YOU!

Like I said before, each shoe fits each person differently. Not everyone will agree with what I liked and disliked about each shoe. I have my own expectations when it comes to indoor soccer shoes, but I promise once you find those shoes that fit you perfectly, you will know.

Now get out to the field, work hard, and BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM with those new kicks.

If this was helpful, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you liked or what other things you would like me to write about it. Don’t forget to share with your friends!



Coach Up ReviewsCoach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his Soccer Coach Citrus Heights website

The Best Of Soccer Equipment

The Best Of Soccer Equipment

Investing in quality soccer equipment is vital if you are a coach. Being a coach myself, I know how frustrating it is when you buy equipment one week and the next week it breaks or falls apart. DON’T BE THAT COACH! In fact, I will just save you the time and the frustration now by showing you the best of soccer equipment, in my opinion.

This soccer equipment I list is robust and built to last. So many reviews have been written about these specific products. However, I am a man of honesty so I am going to be straight with you from the start and say that many coaches fudge on their soccer equipment and decide to go the cheap route for every piece of equipment.

Sometimes you can buy cheap equipment, but let me caution you and say buying quality equipment that is built to last will save you money in the long run. So, make sure to do your research as I have.

Trust me! I have experienced the hard way. I went the route of buying some cheap equipment only to watch it break on me the second week. I am a coach that is very frugal and I am always looking for ways to save money, but when it comes to finding quality equipment that lasts for my training I am willing to pay more for something that will last me longer and prevent me from having to buy more equipment.

Now like I said before, I don’t mean every equipment you buy has to be the top notch and most expensive equipment. I am saying you need to make sure what you are buying is going to last. Equipment can be cheap but yet quality at the same time.

Not only do you want equipment that is durable, but also you want equipment that is beneficial.

The worst thing for you to do is waste money on soccer equipment that is not beneficial for your training. Many coaches think they have to have the latest and greatest and spend money on equipment they don’t need.


My goal is to give you my top 3 list of the best soccer equipment that I have seen is beneficial and durable. I will be answering four questions on each equipment. 

1. How well does it work?

2. How durable is it?

3. What could make it better?

4. Why is it vital to have as a coach?

In the end, my hope is that you have a better idea of what equipment best suits your coaching needs and that you feel you received valuable information on what equipment to choose.

So let’s jump into the best of soccer equipment!


This equipment to me is essential when it comes to coaching. In soccer, you need to learn how to change directions and shift your body from side to side. You need to make hard cuts and decrease your speed quickly. The agility ladder and cones improve an athlete’s quickness, coordination, and decision making. This is the ultimate training set.

How well does this work?

The agility ladder and cones are great! At first site of the product, I was skeptical about its durability, but I have had so many athletes run over it and it stays together looking like new. They trip and fall on the ladder, step on the cones and the cones mold back together staying in perfect working condition.

I personally use the agility ladder for my warm-up drills and my athletes have fallen in love with trying to get through the drills faster by not messing up or tripping on the ladder.

Not to mention, I have seen a huge improvement in their speed and have learned how to change direction quicker than when they started.

 How durable is it?

Let’s be honest! As coaches, we are looking to buy equipment that is going to last a long time. It wouldn’t be smart to buy something that is going to break within the first week.

The Firebreather agility ladder and cones can last in 0-degree weather or 110-degree weather. It is a 15 ft. ladder with 12 durable plastic rungs that have the ability to adjust to your preference. It has 4 stakes to push into the ground that are metal and not plastic.

Don’t you hate it when the stakes are plastic and one push into the hard ground and it snaps?

So frustrating!

If that isn’t enough for you, it has a nylon bag that makes it easy to carry and protects the ladder and cones from any damage as you transfer it to and from training.


What could make this product better?

As far as the ladder goes, the only thing I would have a problem with is the straps. Because you can adjust the ladder from larger to smaller, it doesn’t have the rungs nailed in place. So, what happens is if your athlete trips over the ladder, the ladder will sometimes move and will need to be readjusted.

As far as the cones go, the cones are thinner than normal agility cones. So far the cones haven’t ripped or anything so the thinness hasn’t been a problem.

Why was it vital for me to have as a coach?

I asked myself these questions…

Do I want to see my athletes improve on their quickness and overpower their opponent?

Do I want equipment that helps prevent my athletes from injury?

Do I want equipment that is sturdy and can hold up during multiple pieces of training a week?

My answers to all of these questions were…YES!!!

So, having this equipment was a no brainer for me.

2. Trademark Innovations 6” Speed Training Hurdles

Speed Training Hurdles are a game changer! I kept contemplating whether or not I would actually use these in my training. I bought them and they sat in my garage for about two weeks before I pulled them out. I had no hopes that they would be beneficial.

But let me tell how well they worked.

How well does it work?

If you are looking for faster ways to set up your training, the Speed Training hurdles are the way to go. They are plastic, lightweight, and very easy to set up. You literally set them down with the two rubber ends facing the ground and they are ready to go. They do fall over when kicked but again it is so easy to set them back up.

The hurdles have improved athletes speed and have increased their leg muscle. The hurdles improve different muscles than cones. The athletes have to be more conscious of stepping over each hurdle getting their knees high enough to prevent them from knocking the hurdles over.

How durable is it?

In my eyes for what I paid for these hurdles, they are very durable. They have been used many times and haven’t broken or came apart.

I mean, are there speed hurdles out there that are more durable? Absolutely! But for the kind of training, I am doing with this equipment, I don’t need them to be anything but plastic.

What could make this product better?

If I had to pick something, I would say it would be beneficial if the speed hurdles came with some kind of weight to weigh down the hurdles.

But I also go back and forth with that because you don’t want the hurdles so secure to were your athlete trips and gets hurt because the hurdles have no give.

So one could benefit with or without the weights.

More importantly, I do wish the speed hurdles came with some kind of transporting device. Maybe a Velcro strap to hold them together or a bag to carry them in.

Why was it vital for me to have as a coach?

Like I said before, I didn’t believe these were vital at first. They sat in my garage for 2-3 weeks before I pulled them out.

However, when I saw the improvements in my athlete’s speed and quickness improve I was sold.

Also, when asking my athletes what their opinion was of the speed hurdles and seeing their own improvement, it was a given that these speed hurdles were vital.


We all have that athlete on our team who has a breakaway and decides to kick the ball straight at the goalkeeper.

And all the coaches said, AMEN!!!! 

I can remember as a kid my dad freaking out because at times I would kick the ball straight at the goalie instead of picking a corner and putting the ball in the back of the net.

The Quickplay Pro Soccer Goal helps not only with accurate shooting but it helps the athlete with consistent passes as well.

How well does it work?

People are saying this is essential if you want your passing and shooting to increase.

One athlete said it was so simple to assemble and disassemble.

I don’t know about you but I like when my equipment doesn’t take long to set up.

This net has 7 changeable soccer targets that you can shoot into working on both accuracy and consistency.

Not only that but the net comes with Velcro colored markers. Place a different color patch above a specific target and watch your athletes visual quickness improve.

How durable is it?

One trainer said he had twenty 9-12-year-olds shooting at this and it held up without ever falling off.

No holes! No tears! No Rips! Perfectly designed for the one that wants to improve their passing and shooting accuracy.

What could make this product better?

At first glance, I am not sure why they have the target in the middle. We are trying to get away from our athletes shooting in the middle of the goal.

I would suggest to get rid of the middle target or move the target up near the crossbar and that would make the athlete aim for the crossbar area than straight into the middle of the goal.

Why it is vital for me as a coach?

In regards to shooting, if my athletes can’t score goals or capitalize when they get opportunities, then you give your opponent more chances to win.

In regards to passing, if my athletes can’t pass accurately, we won’t be controlling the ball due to our passes being poor and our opponent will control the whole game.

So, I will be buying this product because it is a great investment for my training allowing my athletes to grow in their passing and shooting.

Also, sometimes I train at soccer fields and the goals don’t have nets. The quickplay pro soccer goal becomes the net and allows me to train on bigger nets than my small pug goals.

Final Thoughts

Here is the deal! I have had great experience with these products. Super helpful, durable, and so easy to set up. Not only that but the moment I started implementing them into my training, my athletes started seeing a tremendous increase in their speed, accuracy, and power.

They are running circles around their competition and getting way ahead of boys and girls that they are training with. Their teammates are blown away by the results that they are seeing in practice. And parents are asking how he/she is improving at such a high rate.

I am a trainer that loves seeing my athletes succeed in this way. It is so encouraging to be able to use certain equipment and get so many results from them.

Also, I have done a lot of research when it comes to equipment. I find the best companies with the best quality with the best deals.

My guess is you love seeing your athletes succeed as well! You would like to see the same thing that has happened to my athletes happen with your athletes.

Let’s be honest, you want to be the coach that everyone is talking about whose athletes are succeeding and getting results.

Also, your time is scarce and you want to make sure your equipment lasts you a long time and is quality.

I get it! I was in your shoes a few months ago which is why I did the research for you. I was so tired of getting poor quality equipment that I set out to find what has worked for me.

So there you have it! My best of soccer equipment. This will expand as time goes on because like every coach they always are finding new ways to get quality equipment for their athletes to improve.

Until Next Time!

Creating Overcomers,

Coach Phil

Coach Up ReviewsCoach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his Soccer Coach Citrus Heights website


Best Portable Soccer Goals- Carry With Ease

Best Portable Soccer Goals – Carry With Ease

Regardless of whether you coach soccer at a park, at the beach, in a gym, or coach on a high school soccer field, you are going to need soccer goals that

you can transport from session to session and that is easy to set up. If you are training at a park, you are not guaranteed goals that have nets. If you train in a gym, most likely you will need portable soccer goals.  If you are training on a regular size field, it is still beneficial to have the best portable soccer goals that transport with ease.

My goal is to break this down into four components. The first component is the benefits of


portable soccer goals. The second component is the weight of the goals. The third component is the durability of the goals. The last component is the instantaneous set up of the goals.

The Benefits of Having Portable Soccer Goals

If you follow any soccer coach or have watched pro soccer teams practice, one thing that they will most likely have is multiple portable soccer goals. Having many of these goals increases the amount or drills you can do and prevents you from having downtime during practices.

We all know what happens when kids get too much down time!

Also, these soccer goals can help with the athletes’ accuracy, consistency, and precision when shooting. Many portable goals are made to pop-up and play where ever you want.


Play on the beach? The field? The street? The backyard? You could even play in the airport if you wanted to.

However, you may be asked to put it away and in that case, the goals fold up with ease anyway, so you would be set.

Portable soccer goals revolutionize your practices! It not only builds confidence in your athletes showing them they can hit the small targets, but it helps with not making drills as boring with just cones. It throws in an extra layer of greatness to your already amazing drills.

Lightweight is the Best Weight

I was doing training on Thursday, like I always do, and started walking over to the field. I had all my training equipment in my hands and didn’t realize how much I was carrying until I got to the field. I couldn’t even tell how much I had in my hands because all of my equipment is as light as possible and I carried it with ease.

If you don’t have your own facility than you know the feeling of bringing your equipment to every training session. No one likes hauling a bunch of heavy equipment out to the field.


On average portable soccer goals are 2.65 lbs for the small 4×3 goals. The weight will increase depending on the size of the net.

No one wants to feel like the guy above after taking out all of his equipment to the field.

Durability- Make Sure Your Goals Last

The more you use any equipment the weaker it gets. We all know it won’t be in the exact same shape as when we bought it the first time. But we try to keep our equipment in the best shape as possible, which is why I wrote about the best of soccer equipment, but equipment will eventually break. It is inevitable!

However, wouldn’t it be great if your equipment didn’t break the first time you used it?

I can remember when I bought these new pair of converse running shoes. I thought they were quality shoes. They looked nice. They felt nice. And for a week or two, the stayed nice. But as week two passed the sole of my right shoe began to completely fall off.

Think of that shoe as your portable soccer goal. Your second week into training a new athlete, the net decides to break and the ball no longer is stopped by the net, but instead, the ball breaks through the hole in the net and you now have to buy another goal that you can’t afford right now.

So finding portable soccer goals that are durable and powerful is revolutionary to your business!

Instant Set-up is Key

I don’t know about you, but I only have 24 hours in the day. I am on a mission every day to get as many things accomplished as I can.

How frustrating is it when you are setting up for practice and the soccer goal takes you a lifetime just to get it set up and puts you behind with all your other set up? 


Especially, because you want your athletes to see that you are prepared rather than looking like you are always behind schedule.

Join me now in putting an end to all of our frustration and get goals that instantly set up.


My Top 5 Portable Soccer Goals

    • SKLZ Playmaker Goal Net

    • PowerNet Pop Soccer Goals

    • Ancheer Portable Soccer Goal

    • PUGG 6 ft Portable Soccer Goal

  • Forza Flash Pop Up Soccer Goal

Coach Up ReviewsCoach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his Soccer Coach Citrus Heights website

Brazil Trip Of A Life Time



Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to a place you never thought would ever be possible?


Well, I not only have thought of it… I did it.


As a young man in college I took what I called, “the trip of a lifetime”.


I have always dreamed of playing soccer against the best of the best and that dream finally came true in 2011.


Out of 500+ college young men, I was chosen to be a part of the 16-man roster that our college was sending to Brazil.






I am going to Brazil as a young collegiate soccer fanatic? Wow!


I mean we are talking about the greatest players that have ever played the game of soccer were from Brazil!



  • 3 World Cups with Brazil
  • 72 goals in 92 games
  • Scored 1,281 goals in his soccer career which is more than any other player in soccer history.
  • 12 world cup goals in 14 games
  • A sensational dribbler with an outstanding show


  • The most joy coming from any other player who has played soccer. He always was smiling.
  • 2 FIFA world player of the year awards
  • He had so many creative and insane ball skills of any other player who has played the game. Literally if there was a soccer god, which there is not, he would be it.
  • Scored 33 goals in the 97 games on the Brazilian National Team.

Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima)

  • 3-time FIFA World Player of the Year (1996, 1997, 2002)
  • Nicknamed “The Phenomenon”
  • Scored 62 goals with Brazil playing in 98 games
  • Made it in the Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame and Italian Football Hall of Fame. Soccer Free Kicks


It was a dream come true for me to be chosen to go to Brazil that is for sure!


So, if you love soccer you will really like this story…


My 3 biggest highlights of the trip were…


Gas Station Soccer Game


It all started out with a drive to Atlanta before our long 16 hour flight into Sao Paulo. All 16 of us guys plus 2 coaches crammed ourselves and our luggage into two white twelve passenger Chevy Express vans.


The trip already was a hit because when you have 16 college soccer guys in one vehicle, you know that the aroma inside that tight area won’t be sweet smelling perfume…it is not going to smell great at all. (Haha Just Kidding).


However, when we got to the Atlanta Airport, we started playing the old “GAS STATION SOCCER GAME” while we waited to board our plane.


Now you may be thinking, GAS STATION SOCCER GAME?


What is that?


The gas station soccer game originated back in 2007 when 16 guys took the same Brazil trip we did. They decided it would be fun to all get in a circle and juggle with a mini soccer ball while waiting patiently for the coaches to get gas and to take a breather from their long ride.


Here is the catch though. You only get two touches per juggle. If you went over that amount you lost and left the circle. And if you made a bad touch and it wasn’t playable by another player, you lost as well.


This has become an annual tradition with each Brazil trip as each team took traveling breaks and you better believe we were going to keep that tradition alive on this 2011 Brazil trip.


We made a spectacle of ourselves at Atlanta international Airport too…All 16 guys circled up again to play THE GAS STATION SOCCER GAME in the middle of the airport. Man it was such a highlight and it improved our touches on the ball tremendously.


My number 2 highlight of the trip was…


Pick-Up Futsal Games


This was a huge highlight of my Brazil trip!


If you don’t know what Futsal is, it is a game of soccer played on a basketball type court, with a smaller/harder ball, and a total of 5 players on each team. It is a much faster soccer game and is great for mastering your foot skills. This is how Ronaldhino became such a great dribbler for he was always playing Futsal.


If you are from Brazil and you play soccer then you play Futsal. We got to play Futsal in high schools, parks, dirt fields, and even in a jail. Most of the Brazilians actually play in the bare feet.


First, the high schools were filled with people who treated you as royalty and wanted to praise you any chance they got. We handed out these cards with our pictures and everyone was begging us for our autographs. I felt like a celebrity even though I was just a simple soccer player from America.


In fact, there was this moment in one of the games where a friend of mine hustled to save a ball from going out of bounds and ended up falling into a crowd of girls. Let’s just say we lost him for a while and it took two of our players to literally grab his legs and pull him out of the crowd of girls all while the girls were hanging on him for dear life. The girls literally were freaking out because one of the American soccer players landed on them and they got to touch him.


Second, we played Futsal in the parks which were filled with little kids who had no money to buy any shoes, yet they still made most of us look bad on the court with their amazing foot skills. It was kind of sad actually to see some of these kids with nothing and not well taken care of. All they were looking for was someone to talk to them and play with them.


Third, we played on dirt fields which seemed to be filled with dirt tornadoes and everywhere you played it felt like you were going through a sandstorm. Not to mention the awful injuries that would happen if you so happened to fall on the ground. This definitely challenged our foot skills since we were so used to playing on a court where you could stop and go and make cuts as you please. The dirt fields were slippery and made it hard to control the ball at times.


Finally, and probably the most exciting part of Futsal was to say I played Futsal with a bunch of inmates in jail. Pretty crazy! Huh?


The security process we had to go through was extensive, but understandable. I still can’t believe they allowed 16 guys to come in and play Futsal with them on the cement court. Maybe it was because we had an amazing message that we wanted to share with them, the “Good News” that Jesus Christ loves them and gave His life for all who will believe in Him and that He deeply cares about them no matter who they are.


Futsal is a big deal everywhere in Brazil. Almost every Brazilian soccer player has played futsal growing up. Brazilians are experts at the Brazilian toe poke which is used in Futsal in many situations. This is where the player literally shoots the ball with his/her toe to have a quicker and more powerful shot.


In fact, Pele, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho all grew up playing Futsal and used the toe poke many times, which explains why they are known for their amazing foot skills.


I don’t recommend using the toe poke method while in normal cleats in an 11v11 game, but the art of the Brazilian toe poke is pretty sweet when it comes to Futsal!


Check out the Futsal toe poke in the this video:


Last but not least is my number 3 highlight of the trip…




Growing up I was the pickiest eater!


If there was a Guinness World Record holder for the pickiest eater my name might have been at the top of the list.


I hated everything but junk. I didn’t eat vegetables. I loved boxed meals all the time and you would never ever see me try anything new.


To this day I am a picky eater. Not to the extreme of when I was a child, but I still am picky, however, I have come a long way thanks to my wife.


I say all of that to lead you into the day we visited a Churrascaria.


What in the world is a Churrascaria?


In Brazil, it is known as a Brazilian steakhouse. I mean think of any kind of meat and they will have it at this Brazilian steakhouse. So, basically in the Portugal language it is similar to the American word for Barbecue.


Our waiters would bring out different cuts of meat in all different shapes and sizes on these massive metal skewers. They took their knives and cut through the meat as we watch the meat just fall off onto our plate.


However, there was this one kind of meat that couldn’t be cut and looked very interesting. It was the size of a quarter and it was in the shape of an oval. I don’t think I ever saw anything like it before. It smelled good but the way it looked was straight up nasty.


As we finished our plates and were filled to the brim, one of my soccer buddies picked up this interesting looking meat and dared me to eat it.




Remember, I am a picky eater. I don’t try things that are new. I straight up said, HECK NO!


But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He got the entire team to chant, EAT IT…EAT IT…EAT IT!


I mean…I don’t know about you, but when 16+ guys are chanting at you the competitive soccer player in me couldn’t turn down this dare.


I would have either been remembered as the player who chickened out (pun intended) or the one who conquered his fears of trying something new.


So, I stabbed that chicken heart like my life depended on it, closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The outer layer was pretty tough but as I bit into it juice flowed out and surprisingly it tasted better than what I was expecting.


So I guess the moral of the story is…




This entire trip was a blast and it couldn’t have gone better than it did. Starting with the gas station soccer game tradition to facing my fears eating a chicken heart, I would say this trip was the trip of a lifetime. At least it was for me anyway.


So often, people don’t get opportunities like this to travel and make a dream possible. I got that opportunity and can tell you that it changed me in so many ways.


As I saw those kids with no shoes and ragged clothes, it gave me a perspective of how blessed I really am.


As I went into the jails and saw the inmates, it opened my eyes that soccer can be used to bring people together and have unity even when they are possibly at the lowest points of their lives.


And finally as I ate that gross looking, -better than I thought tasting chicken heart- it revealed to me that fear can be faced if we have the courage to face it. You may be afraid while facing the challenge that is set before you but if you can have the courage to face the challenge fear will never stop you.


Let me encourage you to leave a comment below and tell me a time when you faced your fears and became an overcomer!


If you can’t think of a time when you have faced your fears maybe I can help you with that. If so, feel free to contact me and let’s talk about it. I would love the opportunity of helping you through what ever you might be going through.


Producing Overcomers!




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Coach Phil is the founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or follow him on his local site at Soccer Skills Coach Citrus Heights. You can also follow him at Custom GoalKeeper Gloves




U10 Soccer Drills – Soccer Training Tips To Become A Better Player

U10 Soccer Drills – Soccer Training Tips To Become A Better Player

U10 Soccer Drills


U10 soccer drills are essential for producing great players and a top notch soccer team at this early age. Youths are required to do exercises that are not so much different from other big players with the only difference being the intensity of the drills.


These drills help young players to develop, perfect and maintain soccer skills and techniques. Beginning practice from an early age of ten years and below serves to create a great soccer foundation for kids in terms of fitness and technique. These kids, however, can lose interests in some drills very fast. As such, coaches are required to make the drills sessions fun yet competitive so that kids do not lose interest in them. Use these soccer training tips to become a better player or to help someone else become a better player.


The following are some of the best U10 soccer drills to improve kids’ soccer skills;


Soccer Conditioning Drills.

Soccer conditioning drills are designed to help enhance as well as maintain the physical fitness of a player. These exercises are very essential, but

many players often overlook them. Most young players dislike conditioning drills because they are very tiring. It is, therefore, the responsibility of a

coach to ensure these drills are enjoyable and less exhausting so that kids can like them. Having kids do these exercises at a tender age does not only make them to be fit but also creates a foundation for their athletic development.


Fitness Drills For U10 Players.

Soccer Conditioning Drills


  • Figure Eight

This drill involves players running from one point to another in a form of figure 8. The players can sprint on the outside ends to avoid colliding. Players acquire speed, acceleration, and deceleration from this exercise.


  • Wind Sprints

When doing wind springs, six cones are placed on the same line with 10 yards apart. Players then lineup along the starting line. A player then sprints to the first cone then turns and jogs back to the starting line, sprints to the second cone then jogs back to the start line again. The players will repeat this until the sixth cone. You may decide to set up fewer cones depending on the age of your players.


  • Shuttle Runs

Shuttle runs help players gain speed, acceleration, and agility. To do these runs it requires about five cones that are 10 yards apart. Players are then expected to run from the first cone to the second and back to the first one as fast as possible. This process is repeated from the first cone to the third cone, first to fourth and first to the fifth cone.


  • Ball Jumps

These jumps help players to have strong legs. Ball jumps require a ball or cone to be placed on the ground. A player then keeps their legs together while jumping vertically and laterally over the cones to land on the opposite sides. Players should ensure they land on both feet. This should be repeated quickly for up to 1 minute for each player.



Passing and Shooting Drills

Great passing is vital for any good player. The best passing teams are always better placed to score from any place of the pitch as they can make defense-splitting passes. They also dictate the play and can, therefore, conserve energy. The following are some of the drills that can help young players make accurate passes. These can be long passes, short passes, crosses or even side foot passes.


  • Passing into The Square

This drill helps players make accurate passes while improving the velocity they put on the ball.

Soccer Shooting Drills

In a game, you can’t always play a hard pass or a soft pass. So be make sure not to kick the ball too hard or too soft when passing. You have two grids that have four cones 5 feet apart creating a square. Each grid is about 10 yards from the other. Players stand in one square and kick the ball into the other square ensuring it stops inside the square. After each player has kicked their ball to the other square, they proceed to that square and repeats the process to the next square. The player with the most balls inside the squares will be
declared the winner.


  • 1 vs 1 Diamond Shooting Drill

In diamond shooting drill, four cones are set in the shape of a diamond about 15 yards from goal. These cones are then placed 8 yards from each other. The players then stand near the cones with the player standing at cone 1 having the balls. The player at cone 1 the passes the ball to the opposite player standing at cone 2 who then passes it to the opposite player standing at cone 3. The player at cone 3 finally passes the ball to the player at cone 4 who then shoots at goal. If the player misses, they become the goalkeeper, and the players rotate from one cone to the other. This drill is loved by most players because it is fun and has a competitive nature.


  • Cone Knock Down Contest.

This contest involves creating a grid with several cones set up at the center of the grid. Players then stand at the edge of the grid and try to knock the cones down to win points. This drill is varied by specifying how the passes are made; by the inside or outside of the
foot or even by using the left or right foot. The team that knocks down the most cones wins the challenge.


Fun Soccer Drills

  • Clean Your Room

You are required to make a grid of about 10 by 10 yards. Assign one player probably the defender to be a room cleaner. The work of the room cleaner is to knock other players’ balls out of the gird. Every player except the room cleaner should have a ball. The player whose ball is hit out of the grid can be made to do eight jumping jacks. The idea is to have the room cleaner kick every player’s ball out of the grid.


  • 7 vs 7 Scrimmage

This is a great drill to end training sessions to allow players put into practice what they learned during training. There is a need to create a grid of about 50 by 40 yards with full-size goals on each end. The players are then split into 7 vs 7 teams. Each team should have six outfield players and one goalkeeper.


Alien Tag Soccer Game

An area of 20 by 20 is created which should be given the name mars. Two players are given balls and they will be called aliens. The other players stay in the grid without balls, and they are called spaceships. The idea is for the spaceships to avoid being by the balls (space rocks). If an alien hits the spaceship with the space rock, the spaceship must fall into the ground and make some noise to make the game interesting for the kids. The spaceship can then go out of the grid to be repaired. This repair may include doing several jump jacks.


Dribbling and Ball Control DrillsSoccer Ball Control Drills

These drills are important in helping get past their opponents as well as protecting the ball against another player. This will also help in improving their first touch. Some of the drills to do include;


  • Earthquake

A big square to allow for free dribbling should be set up. Players then dribble around the coach and making sure they don’t knock one another. The coach should put pressure on slow dribbling players. When the coach shouts ‘earthquake’, each player should leave their ball and find another one. A player who fails to find another ball in time should run around the square several times.


  • Thigh Trap, Head Trap, and Chest Control

These traps and controls can be done by having one player throwing a ball to the other who then tries controlling it with the head. This should be alternated between the thigh and the chest. The player can also try lifting the ball from the ground with their feet the trap it on the chest or thigh.


These drills are supposed to be alternated between different training sessions, avoiding doing the same exercises for two consecutive sessions. This way children will find the sessions less monotonous and more enjoyable. With fun, children are more likely to
grasp the coach’s ideas first.


Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up

PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


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Coach Phil is the founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or follow him on his local site at Soccer Skills Coach Citrus Heights. You can also follow him at Custom GoalKeeper Gloves



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Soccer Rules For Kids – 8 Basics For Beginners

Soccer Rules For Kids – 8 Basics For Beginners


The US soccer rules for kids are a bit different than the FIFA’s (The Federation International Football Association) rules.  Did you know that the recently published FIFA rule book is a 140 pages long?


That makes me want to cry thinking that I was training to become a referee myself.

Thankfully, I stopped, but it does make me thankful for those that are referees. Their job is pretty hard. I mean the whole crowd plus each team is pretty much against you. That is a lot of pressure.

So, if you are new to soccer then you are basically considered a beginner. Therefore you are probably just trying to figure out the game of soccer. Even though at this point it may be a good idea to have some basic rules of the game memorized don’t think you have to memorize an entire 140-page book!

Or maybe you are a parent who has never played the game of soccer and you honestly don’t even understand the basics of the game of soccer.

Well, first of all, the rule book I am referring to above is for professional soccer athletes and not for kids.

And Secondly,

I will be providing you with a simple list of the basic US soccer rules for kids that will help with your soccer journey.

And no! This is not going to be 140 pages long! 😉


8 Basic Rules of Soccer:


Let’s start with the most basic rule of soccer.


Score Goals

The object of the game is to get the soccer ball into your opposing team’s goal. If you don’t do that, then you are less likely to win the game and are giving your opponents the opportunity to win because they are trying to do the same thing.

So, do whatever you can to kick the ball into the net. I recommend passing the ball to your teammates to get the ball in position to score a goal. Some players like to keep the ball for themselves the whole time but that strategy will most likely get the ball taken away.


No Hands

The game of soccer is used with any part of your body except using your hands or arms. You can use your shoulders but if the ball touches any part of your arm or hand the referee’s will most likely call a hand ball and the ball will go to the other team. The only person that has the exception of this rule is the goalkeeper. He must be inside the 18-yard box (Goalie box) to be able to touch the ball with his/her hands.


11 vs. 11

Each team is allowed 11 players on the field during a soccer match. You have 10 field players and 1 goalkeeper. You may trade players in and out, which is called a substitution, but only when the referee calls you in. Substitution rules change when you get into college and pro soccer.


Soccer Field Size

Each soccer field has to be at least a rectangular in shape. Other than

Soccer Rules Simplified

that the size of the field depends on the age and level of the soccer team, the younger the players the smaller the field.

Regulation lengths are:

  • Touchline: Minimum 90 meters (100 yards), maximum 120 meters (130 yards)
  • Width (goal line): Minimum 45 m (50 yds), maximum 90 m (100 yds).
  • At each end of the field is an eight-yard-wide goal centered along the goal line.
  • Six yards from each goal post along the goal line and six yards out into the field (perpendicular to the goal line) is the goal box.
  • Extending 18 yards from each goal post along the goal line and 18 yards out into the field (perpendicular to the goal line) is the penalty box.
  • In each of the four corners of the field is a five-foot-high corner flag.

Ball Size

The ball size varies within the ages. However, the ball must be round and made of leather or a material similar to that.

Here is a list of ball sizes for each age:

  • 3-7 years old: Size 3
  • 8-11 years old: Size 4
  • 12-Adult: Size 5 (This is the standard size for Pro players as well)


Substitution rules vary depending on what level of soccer you are playing. For instance, in college and professional soccer you are only allowed 3 substitutions per game. In younger leagues, you may substitute as much as you want.

Substitutions mainly happen when a player is injured, tired, or the coach wants to create momentum from bringing in a new player.


Game Length

Youth Soccer- 20-30 minutes per half (40-60 minutes). There are two halves with a 7-10-minute halftime break.

Pro and College Soccer- 45 minutes per half (90 minutes). There are two halves with a 15-minute halftime break.


Out of Bounds

Any time the ball goes outside the end lines or sidelines the ball is considered out of bounds. Whichever team touched the ball last after the ball goes

Soccer Field Dimension

out of bounds then their opponent gets a throw-in. This only happens if the ball is out on the sideline and the end lines. However, if the ball goes out on the end line then two things can happen. If the ball goes out on the defending teams’ end line, then it will be a corner kick. If the attacking team kicks it out, then it will be a goal kick.

Soccer is a simple game and quite enjoyable once you have the basics down, so don’t complicate it. If you are a parent, all you have to do is take these basic rules and you will be able to understand it yourself and help your child learn more as well.

Keep working hard and remember to have fun in the process!


Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up






Coachup Reviews

Coach Phil is the founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or follow him on his local site at Soccer Skills Coach Citrus Heights. You can also follow him at Custom GoalKeeper Gloves

Juggle Soccer Ball – Do You Have Ronaldinho Skills?


Juggle Soccer Ball – Do You Have Ronaldinho Skills?


Are you interested in getting Ronaldinho skills? As a soccer player if you were walking down the street and saw a sign that said “Juggle Soccer Ball For

Cash!” Would you be able to do it for any length of time and make some quick cash?


Well, believe it or not, there is a proper technique you need to master the art of soccer ball juggling, but very few coaches take the time to teach their players the correct technique.


Either the coach doesn’t know the proper technique themselves or they simply don’t think taking time to teach their players how to juggle is beneficial.


Hopefully, you are not one of those coaches or players. To think that juggling is not beneficial or a waste of time is downright silly!


Some people say, “You don’t even use juggling in a game” and I would say they are probably correct because most soccer players won’t have a ton of time to just juggle the ball down the field. However, practicing juggling the ball helps with ball control, hand-eye coordination, and volleying techniques that you will use in a game.


Players should be juggling 10-15 minutes before and after every practice to help with their on-field skills.


I can remember when our team went to Brazil to play soccer and I watched some of the most amazing players juggle the ball with ease, I became Brazil Soccerdetermined I was going to be able to juggle like that and master the art of juggling my own soccer ball.




Below we are going to look at six important fundamentals. Make sure to use these proper techniques and within time you will learn how to juggle a soccer ball better.


But, before we get started, I got the same question for you that I asked above…


Are you interested in getting Ronaldinho skills?


Do you even know who Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho is?


He is an amazing former Brazilian soccer player. If you haven’t yet seen any Ronaldinho videos of him juggling a soccer ball 44 times without missing once you need to watch it here.


Oh, and by the way, he juggles the ball BLINDFOLDED.


Yup, I’m not kidding. Watch this soccer juggling video right now.



Alright! Now that your mind has been blown away and you have wiped the drool coming down your chin, I want you to imagine yourself juggling the soccer ball like Ronaldinho.


Many beginners dream of juggling the way Ronaldinho does, but are not willing to put in the work that it takes to be as good as him.


It is something like Americans and fast food. People go through the drive-thru and if they don’t get their food in 2 minutes they get mad and don’t want to wait any longer.


Can I tell you something?


Juggling doesn’t work like fast food. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience before mastering the art of juggling a soccer ball like Ronaldinho.


So how did I master the art of juggling?


Let me first say, that I am nowhere near the juggler as Ronaldinho.




I do know the right techniques to give you as a beginner to help you gain the skill for juggling a soccer ball like a professional.


6 Soccer Juggling Tips To Help Master The Art As A Beginner:



  1. Keep the ball low

Most beginners make the mistake of juggling the soccer ball above their chest and head area. So they reach their foot up high to try and juggle.


This will create a lot of frustration so stop while you are ahead.


It will also make it difficult for you to juggle consecutively, say, 44 times like Ronaldinho, and will make your juggling unbalanced.


The ball should come no higher than your waist. Also, your foot should not come above your knee.


  1. Ankle locked and foot curled slightly toward shin

The opposite of a locked ankle is a loose ankle and that is a no-no when it comes to juggling.


If you have ever seen a golf club hit a golf ball, it doesn’t bend like a noodle. If so, the ball would go nowhere.


The same thing goes when juggling. Having your ankle locked and your foot curled slightly to create a backspin.


Creating backspin means that you are juggling properly. If you notice the ball going away from your chest, then it means your foot isn’t curled enough or your ankle isn’t locked.


  1. Bend your knee not your whole leg

The tendency for beginners is to straight leg juggle rather than bending from the knee down.


For a great tutorial check this soccer ball juggling video out



  1. Ball has backspin

This is very important! This makes or breaks a master juggler.


When the ball has backspin, it makes it so much easier to juggle the ball consecutively.


Also, when you have backspin it is creating a movement on the ball that is coming back to you rather than going away from you.


As you become better you can begin throwing in some soccer ball juggling tricks like Ronaldinho, you will see the reason why having backspin on the ball will help you tremendously.


  1. Keep your eye on the ball


You are probably saying to yourself, “Coach Phil, of course, I will keep my eye on the ball”, but losing focus happens more than you think.


What is the one of the main reason a lot of people get into car accidents?


It is when the driver takes their eyes off the road and gets distracted.


This is how it works in juggling. No, you won’t get in an accident, but you will lose control and there is a possibility you will lose sight of the ball and be distracted.


This will lead you to get off balance and create more frustration.


Stay engaged and stay focused!


  1. Use both feet

You never will get better at juggling by using your dominant foot. You must use both feet. Juggling Soccer Ball Tips


The key is to alternate feet! The more you switched feet the better your ball control will become.


If you are new to juggling, start slow and work your way up. For instance, grab a ball and toss it in the air allowing the ball to bounce on the ground. Then after the first bounce kick the ball back up to your hands to catch it.


Repeat this until you feel confident and then move on to alternating feet like I explained above.


The better you get you can start making goals, like 10 juggles before catching the ball.


Why Is Juggling So Important For All Soccer Players?


  • Improves ball control
    I promise, that if you are juggling 1000+ touches a day, and I don’t mean consecutively, you will see your ball control improve drastically.


  • Increases your speed of play
    Juggling is important because it allows the player, when needed, to flick and chip passes, shots, and move past their opponent with a bit more ease. Being able to properly trapping the soccer ball on the field in game situations is also a big benefit of learning how to juggling. Trapping passes out of the air allows you to be one step ahead of your defenders to prevent them from getting the ball.


  • Ignites your volley
    Have you ever seen a goal scored where a ball is crossed from the sideline into the middle of the field only to see someone volley the ball into the net?The only way they can do that is because of all the countless hours the practiced juggling a soccer ball.So these are a few reasons why it is so important to learn this skill.



The best players can juggle the soccer ball period.  As I mentioned earlier a soccer player should be putting in 10-15 minutes before and after every practice, practicing this skill.


The only way you get better is by practicing every day!


I will say it again, don’t be that coach or player that thinks juggling is a waste of time!


It is so beneficial and has helped improve my game, as well as, many other pro soccer players.


There is a proper way to juggle and everything you have read in this article will help you learn how to juggle a soccer ball in-no-time-at-all if you keep at it.


If you are looking for more information about shooting soccer drills you can read one of my other articles.


Keep working hard!


Always Creating Overcomers,



Coach Up

PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


Coachup Reviews

Coach Phil is the founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or follow him on his local site at Soccer Skills Coach Citrus Heights. You can also follow him at Custom GoalKeeper Gloves




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U8 Soccer Drills – 5 Key Points & 7 Drills To Improve Skill

U8 Soccer Drills – 5 Key Points & 7 Drills To Improve Skill


It is no secret that the diet and health of our children are very important and especially so as an athlete. U8 Soccer drills can be a big challenge to any coach because at this age, un-be-known to mom sometimes, it seems like the kids have been loaded up with sugar just before dropping them off at soccer practice and little Johnny just can’t sit still.


Let me just say, regardless of the sugar or caffeine Soccer Drills For Kidskids have before practice they are still gonna be wired. Come on, They’re kids!


So how do you get little Johnny or sweet Audrey to sit still and actually have a profitable practice?


I am so glad you asked!


A Good Enough Practice


This is exactly why I am writing the article because as a coach I feel we need to be running the proper drills in order to give U8 players a good enough practice to improve their skill level. Mom actually left her kids with us to teach them soccer skills, not just watch them run around like chickens with their heads cut off.


There are certain soccer drills that will help U6, U7, and U8 soccer age groups to improve their skills and mental abilities. This means as a coach we should structure our drills geared towards giving the kids the opportunity for dribbling the soccer ball.


Why do I say “dribbling”?

Why not passing?

Why not teach them rules?


Well, it’s not that you shouldn’t teach these other things too, but, you might notice that at this age most all the kids want to either kick the ball around or shoot on the net and score a goal.


So, giving them a bit more of a structure and having drills that give the kids opportunity to touch (with their feet, naturally) the ball, will be beneficial to their soccer savvy.


But how do you take Audrey’s great attitude of always wanting the ball and make it work in a drill? Well then, let’s talk about some drills that will help.

U9 Fun Soccer Drills


5 Key Points That Will Help


Here are 5 key points that I believe could help a player like an Audrey capitalize on getting more touches on a soccer ball.

  • Don’t be scared to make these drills a little challenging for your kids/players, but be careful not to make them too challenging where your kids/players are confused.
  • At the U8 level, kids are just getting to a point of deciding if they love the game of soccer or not so don’t be surprised if you have to push them a bit from time to time.
  • Doing these drills consistently will help players with their soccer skills and they will see improvement in time.
  • Don’t be surprised if you start seeing your kid/player become the star on the field after putting these drills into practice regularly.
  • Have Fun with these drills! No one likes a coach who is overly serious and never lightens up a bit! 😉


Seven U8 Soccer Drills


D. D. Rev. –

  • Place 5 cones in a straight line.
  • A player takes the ball and dribbles back and forth through the cones working on footwork and speed.
  • When the player gets to the end they will do a little dance and then runs to the back of the line.
  • Do this a few times so kids use both feet.
    • Example:
      • Just right foot
      • Just left foot
      • Inside of both feet
      • Outside of the foot (right and left)

Clean Up –

  • Place 6 cones in a shape of a rectangle about 15-yards in length. The smaller the rectangle the harder the drill.
  • Have 4-5 players on each team with each player having a ball.
  • Get as many balls into the other team’s rectangle by the end of 2 minutes.
  • Kids will work on dribbling, passing, shooting, a movement to balls, and how to have fun.

Kick Your Coach –

  • Each player gets a ball and is trying to dribble and shoot the ball to try and hit the coach with the ball.
  • They get 1 point if they hit you.
  • 3 rounds. The first person to 3 wins the round.

Simon Says –

Kids love playing “Simon says”…

Have the players do what the coach does or what the coach says to do.

  • Everyone has a ball at their feet.
  • Each player in 2-3 rows. It can be shorter depending on how big your team is
  • The coach will say, “Simon says, (Name soccer movement they have to do)”

Juggle-In Style –

  • Each player has a ball juggling by themselves or with a friend/partner
  • Tell them a number that players have to reach. If they reach it, applaud them and then encourage them to do one more than they did previously.
  • *Age Importance – For this age start with 2 juggles depending on the player’s talent.

Volley Volley –

  • Place 4 cones in a straight line.
  • Player 1 is running between the cones working on footwork and speed
  • Player 2 is lobbing the ball to player 1’s foot to volley after weaving through cones
  • Player 2 can change what area of the body he wants player 1 to volley it from
    • Example:
      • From chest to inside of the foot
      • Inside of the foot or top of the foot
      • Knee to top of the foot

Square Up Drill –

  • Set up 4 cones in a shape of a square
  • Player should be in the middle of the box with a ball at his feet
  • Player will take 10 touches on the ball using different moves (toe taps, side rolls, pitter patter, etc.) then race to a corner cone by touching the cone with his/her hand.
  • After each corner cone, the player comes back to the middle doing another 10 touches.
  • They will repeat their moves every time they touch a cone.
  • The drill ends when you touch each corner cone.

Fun Soccer Drills


There are many other drills one can use with the U8 soccer age group but remember the first few Youth Soccer Training Drillsdrills are meant to be fun. The last 3 are a little more challenging, but like I mentioned in the beginning, it is good to have a couple challenging drills to improve your player’s skill and mental ability.


These are cool soccer drills kids will enjoy but If all else fails, give the kids a soccer ball and have them run around the field with the ball. As a coach, we are trying to get these kids used to having a ball at their feet and learning how to dribble it close to their feet. I guess the one thing I would like to encourage the kids/players to do… is not kick the soccer ball way out in front of them if they are running around the soccer field with the ball. The goal would be to help them learn how to keep the ball close to their body/feet; thus the term dribbling.


The U8 soccer drills for this age should be a lot of fun and it is an age where you will see a lot of changes happening in their skill level of each player. Believe it or not, as the coach, the players are looking up to me, their coach, and they may even be thinking that their soccer coach is their favorite person in the world!


I relish this and take pride in it for it is a very large responsibility we have as coaches with these young soccer minds.


If you are a coach my suggestion and advice to you is to lead by being an example and lead well and implement these really fun soccer drills into your coaching arsenal!


Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up


Coach Up ReviewsCoach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his Soccer Coach Citrus Heights website


PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it! Leave a comment below


Soccer Warm Up Drills – 7 Pre Game Warm Up Drills

Soccer Warm Up Drills – 7 Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drills


Soccer Warm Up Drills Help Your Body Stay Flexible And Can Help Prevent Serious Injury During A Game. These 7 Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drills Will Help.

Most pro soccer players go through some kind of routine before their match. Actually, some are Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drillsreligiously fanatical about what they do. Some prepare their bodies to endure the ninety minutes of stress they put on their bodies in many ways but all professionals include themselves in some kind of soccer warm-up drills.


Have you ever been asked to do something that you didn’t want to do?


I will be the first to raise my hand to that question.


I mean if you have been a kid at some point, and we all have, you probably remember your mom telling you to eat your greens before you could leave the dinner table. Let’s be honest, most of us spit that drool right back onto the plate and didn’t want to eat them. Right?




Mom and Dad tell you to take out the trash before school, but you just don’t feel like it, so you make your younger sister do it.


We all have been there at some point where we didn’t want to do what someone was asking us to do and most of the time they only had good intentions. The purpose of telling us those things was to most likely help us in the future in some way.




Youth soccer warm-up drills are not the most favorite thing for most young players but for some reason they seem to always want to grab the ball and start shooting first belting out…


  • “Coach, do we really have to?”
  • “Coach, why can’t I just shoot on the goal?”
  • “Coach, warm-up drills are boring!”
  • “Coach, I am already warmed up!”


I can remember when I used to play soccer in high school the first thing many guys would do was shoot on the goal trying to get the perfect upper 90 shot only to risk a possible injury.


Let’s put an end to players dreading warm-up drills or getting injured. Let’s get them excited about the warm-ups so we can prevent injuries.


This article will be teaching you:


  1. The, what and why of soccer warm-up drills.
  2. Soccer pre-game warm-up drills that keep kids and players engaged.
  3. Team FC Barcelona warm up drill video.


What Are Warm-Ups?


It would be foolish of me to think that everyone knows what warming up means.College Soccer Warm Up Drills


I mean who knows, someone might be thinking to warm up means sitting by a fire drinking hot chocolate after shuffling the snow out of your driveway.


Yes! That is warming up to but not the type I am referring too when we are talking about soccer.


A warm-up is a period of time given to players to stretch and loosen muscles before an intense physical activity.


There are two types of ways an individual/team can warm-up or stretch:


  1. Soccer Dynamic Stretching
  2. Static Stretching Exercises

  • Dynamic – is the idea of creating movement in and out of a position. This type of stretching occurs at the beginning of a warm-up and helps loosen muscles helping them to become less tense. It’s basically loosening up the muscles. I can remember soccer coaches using static stretching for years rather than dynamic stretching and it affected the players and how they played. When I did a little online research I ran across a site that said they discovered one study showing a trainer working out his players dynamically 26,000 times before any major injuries happened. So basically I took from that, that they also believe in using dynamic stretching.



  • Static – is the idea of staying stationary in one position. This type of stretching is used after a workout or physical activity and is used for more of a cool down. A static stretch can be used to create flexibility in a muscle, but be careful not to hold it too long because you could injure a muscle.


Why Should You Warm-Up?


There are many reasons why a warm-up is good before physical activity, but two primary reasons you should warm-up BEFORE physical activity—to increase performance and prevent injuries.


With our rushed busy schedules and other family obligations, too often players are showing up late to practice and missing their warm-ups. They will then jump into a high-performance drill without a proper warm-up to get their muscles loose.


This will hinder player’s performances and could potentially strain muscles that are still tight and have not been properly stretched not to mention cramping up on the field during the match.


How Long Should You Warm-Up?


Everyone is different but generally the younger you are the more flexible you are and the easier it is to get warm.

Soccer Warm Up Drills

My personal opinion and experience tell me that a good 10-20 minutes is a good warm-up as long as you are getting your heart rate up.

This means that your warm-up should start off with some slow movements, but by the end, you should be doing quick movements.

7 Pre Game Warm Up Drills I Use Before A Soccer Match:


These 7 soccer warm-up exercises help me get my blood pumpin! You may want to try them with your earbuds in and listen to your favorite soccer playlist.


I will start off by putting a cone or a ball about 20-30 ft. away from the sideline. Each drill is done twice.


  • Light Jog: Two light jogs to the cone and back. Feel free to do arm circles as well to loosen up your upper body.


  • High Knees: I will then proceed to high knees. This is a very popular exercise and works on getting the blood flowing to your leg muscles. You will begin jogging by lifting your knees high enough without straining your muscles. I recommend putting your hands out with your palms down and hitting your knees with the palm of your hand.


  • Butt Kicks: This is also a well-known dynamic stretch. You will be in a jogging motion by bringing your heels up to hit your butt. This drill is again creating blood flow to your legs.


  • Side Shuffle: Start with your feet together facing sideways. You will move one leg to the side of your body and shuffle the other leg after as you stay in a squatting position. Make sure when you shuffle that you are not on your heels. Rather stay on the balls of your feet with your legs in a squatting position. Once you get to the first cone switch and shuffle the other direction.


  • Side-Rock: This is a drill to dynamically stretch out your groin area. Be careful not to stretch this area too far as it is easy to strain if not done properly. Start in the position you were previously while doing the – side shuffle. Instead of shuffling your feet you are going to rock to the right and to the left feeling the stretch/pulling in the groin area. Take a few steps and start again.


  • High Kicks: This is one of my favorites. High kicks will stretch out your hamstrings. You will be jogging very lightly and every once in a while you will swing your leg in an upward motion trying to touch your toe to your palm. Again, be careful not to extend your leg too far because you could really damage your muscle if you kick too high.


  • Push-up Sprint: Get into a push-up position. When the coach says go, you will push up and then sprint to the cone. Do this a few times with high intensity.


Around The World Passing Drill


You will need a ball, two cones, and a partner. Each player will stand 10 yards apart with one cone in front of them.


The object is to pass the ball around the cones going clockwise or counterclockwise.


This is going to get your body moving and getting you touches on the ball.


If you go clockwise then you will receive the ball with your right foot making sure the first touch is at an angle and behind the cone to line you up for the second touch passing with your left foot. But if you pass counter clockwise then you will receive with your left and pass with your right.


Make sure you are on the balls of your feet rather than flat footed and you are passing and receiving like you would in a game.


We are looking for high intensity getting our muscles used to game-like situations.


These are all good soccer warm-up drills for the entire team.


Do you have a favorite warm-up stretch or drill that you do? If you don’t warm up with some kind of soccer drill and just grab a ball and go then you could really hurt yourself and do some serious injury that may prevent you from playing all year long. Not only will this be a bummer for you but if your team is relying on you like I know they are then it is not fair to your team if you neglect the simple warm-up period and become injured in the process.


Lastly, I thought you might enjoy watching this video of how FC Barcelona soccer club warms up before their game.


(If you liked this video let me know in the comments below)



Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up


Coach Up ReviewsCoach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or his Soccer Coach Citrus Heights website


PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


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