Best Portable Soccer Goals- Carry With Ease

Best Portable Soccer Goals – Carry With Ease

Regardless of whether you coach soccer at a park, at the beach, in a gym, or coach on a high school soccer field, you are going to need soccer goals that

you can transport from session to session and that is easy to set up. If you are training at a park, you are not guaranteed goals that have nets. If you train in a gym, most likely you will need portable soccer goals.  If you are training on a regular size field, it is still beneficial to have the best portable soccer goals that transport with ease.

My goal is to break this down into four components. The first component is the benefits of


portable soccer goals. The second component is the weight of the goals. The third component is the durability of the goals. The last component is the instantaneous set up of the goals.

The Benefits of Having Portable Soccer Goals

If you follow any soccer coach or have watched pro soccer teams practice, one thing that they will most likely have is multiple portable soccer goals. Having many of these goals increases the amount or drills you can do and prevents you from having downtime during practices.

We all know what happens when kids get too much down time!

Also, these soccer goals can help with the athletes’ accuracy, consistency, and precision when shooting. Many portable goals are made to pop-up and play where ever you want.


Play on the beach? The field? The street? The backyard? You could even play in the airport if you wanted to.

However, you may be asked to put it away and in that case, the goals fold up with ease anyway, so you would be set.

Portable soccer goals revolutionize your practices! It not only builds confidence in your athletes showing them they can hit the small targets, but it helps with not making drills as boring with just cones. It throws in an extra layer of greatness to your already amazing drills.

Lightweight is the Best Weight

I was doing training on Thursday, like I always do, and started walking over to the field. I had all my training equipment in my hands and didn’t realize how much I was carrying until I got to the field. I couldn’t even tell how much I had in my hands because all of my equipment is as light as possible and I carried it with ease.

If you don’t have your own facility than you know the feeling of bringing your equipment to every training session. No one likes hauling a bunch of heavy equipment out to the field.


On average portable soccer goals are 2.65 lbs for the small 4×3 goals. The weight will increase depending on the size of the net.

No one wants to feel like the guy above after taking out all of his equipment to the field.

Durability- Make Sure Your Goals Last

The more you use any equipment the weaker it gets. We all know it won’t be in the exact same shape as when we bought it the first time. But we try to keep our equipment in the best shape as possible, which is why I wrote about the best of soccer equipment, but equipment will eventually break. It is inevitable!

However, wouldn’t it be great if your equipment didn’t break the first time you used it?

I can remember when I bought these new pair of converse running shoes. I thought they were quality shoes. They looked nice. They felt nice. And for a week or two, the stayed nice. But as week two passed the sole of my right shoe began to completely fall off.

Think of that shoe as your portable soccer goal. Your second week into training a new athlete, the net decides to break and the ball no longer is stopped by the net, but instead, the ball breaks through the hole in the net and you now have to buy another goal that you can’t afford right now.

So finding portable soccer goals that are durable and powerful is revolutionary to your business!

Instant Set-up is Key

I don’t know about you, but I only have 24 hours in the day. I am on a mission every day to get as many things accomplished as I can.

How frustrating is it when you are setting up for practice and the soccer goal takes you a lifetime just to get it set up and puts you behind with all your other set up? 


Especially, because you want your athletes to see that you are prepared rather than looking like you are always behind schedule.

Join me now in putting an end to all of our frustration and get goals that instantly set up.


My Top 5 Portable Soccer Goals

    • SKLZ Playmaker Goal Net

    • PowerNet Pop Soccer Goals

    • Ancheer Portable Soccer Goal

    • PUGG 6 ft Portable Soccer Goal

  • Forza Flash Pop Up Soccer Goal

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