Juggle Soccer Ball – Do You Have Ronaldinho Skills?


Are you interested in getting Ronaldinho skills? As a soccer player if you were walking down the street and saw a sign that said “Juggle Soccer Ball For

Cash!” Would you be able to do it for any length of time and make some quick cash?


Well, believe it or not, there is a proper technique you need to master the art of soccer ball juggling, but very few coaches take the time to teach their players the correct technique.


Either the coach doesn’t know the proper technique themselves or they simply don’t think taking time to teach their players how to juggle is beneficial.


Hopefully, you are not one of those coaches or players. To think that juggling is not beneficial or a waste of time is downright silly!


Some people say, “You don’t even use juggling in a game” and I would say they are probably correct because most soccer players won’t have a ton of time to just juggle the ball down the field. However, practicing juggling the ball helps with ball control, hand-eye coordination, and volleying techniques that you will use in a game.


Players should be juggling 10-15 minutes before and after every practice to help with their on-field skills.


I can remember when our team went to Brazil to play soccer and I watched some of the most amazing players juggle the ball with ease, I became Brazil Soccerdetermined I was going to be able to juggle like that and master the art of juggling my own soccer ball.




Below we are going to look at six important fundamentals. Make sure to use these proper techniques and within time you will learn how to juggle a soccer ball better.


But, before we get started, I got the same question for you that I asked above…


Are you interested in getting Ronaldinho skills?


Do you even know who Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho is?


He is an amazing former Brazilian soccer player. If you haven’t yet seen any Ronaldinho videos of him juggling a soccer ball 44 times without missing once you need to watch it here.


Oh, and by the way, he juggles the ball BLINDFOLDED.


Yup, I’m not kidding. Watch this soccer juggling video right now.



Alright! Now that your mind has been blown away and you have wiped the drool coming down your chin, I want you to imagine yourself juggling the soccer ball like Ronaldinho.


Many beginners dream of juggling the way Ronaldinho does, but are not willing to put in the work that it takes to be as good as him.


It is something like Americans and fast food. People go through the drive-thru and if they don’t get their food in 2 minutes they get mad and don’t want to wait any longer.


Can I tell you something?


Juggling doesn’t work like fast food. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience before mastering the art of juggling a soccer ball like Ronaldinho.


So how did I master the art of juggling?


Let me first say, that I am nowhere near the juggler as Ronaldinho.




I do know the right techniques to give you as a beginner to help you gain the skill for juggling a soccer ball like a professional.


6 Soccer Juggling Tips To Help Master The Art As A Beginner:



  1. Keep the ball low

Most beginners make the mistake of juggling the soccer ball above their chest and head area. So they reach their foot up high to try and juggle.


This will create a lot of frustration so stop while you are ahead.


It will also make it difficult for you to juggle consecutively, say, 44 times like Ronaldinho, and will make your juggling unbalanced.


The ball should come no higher than your waist. Also, your foot should not come above your knee.


  1. Ankle locked and foot curled slightly toward shin

The opposite of a locked ankle is a loose ankle and that is a no-no when it comes to juggling.


If you have ever seen a golf club hit a golf ball, it doesn’t bend like a noodle. If so, the ball would go nowhere.


The same thing goes when juggling. Having your ankle locked and your foot curled slightly to create a backspin.


Creating backspin means that you are juggling properly. If you notice the ball going away from your chest, then it means your foot isn’t curled enough or your ankle isn’t locked.


  1. Bend your knee not your whole leg

The tendency for beginners is to straight leg juggle rather than bending from the knee down.


For a great tutorial check this soccer ball juggling video out



  1. Ball has backspin

This is very important! This makes or breaks a master juggler.


When the ball has backspin, it makes it so much easier to juggle the ball consecutively.


Also, when you have backspin it is creating a movement on the ball that is coming back to you rather than going away from you.


As you become better you can begin throwing in some soccer ball juggling tricks like Ronaldinho, you will see the reason why having backspin on the ball will help you tremendously.


  1. Keep your eye on the ball


You are probably saying to yourself, “Coach Phil, of course, I will keep my eye on the ball”, but losing focus happens more than you think.


What is the one of the main reason a lot of people get into car accidents?


It is when the driver takes their eyes off the road and gets distracted.


This is how it works in juggling. No, you won’t get in an accident, but you will lose control and there is a possibility you will lose sight of the ball and be distracted.


This will lead you to get off balance and create more frustration.


Stay engaged and stay focused!


  1. Use both feet

You never will get better at juggling by using your dominant foot. You must use both feet. Juggling Soccer Ball Tips


The key is to alternate feet! The more you switched feet the better your ball control will become.


If you are new to juggling, start slow and work your way up. For instance, grab a ball and toss it in the air allowing the ball to bounce on the ground. Then after the first bounce kick the ball back up to your hands to catch it.


Repeat this until you feel confident and then move on to alternating feet like I explained above.


The better you get you can start making goals, like 10 juggles before catching the ball.


Why Is Juggling So Important For All Soccer Players?


  • Improves ball control
    I promise, that if you are juggling 1000+ touches a day, and I don’t mean consecutively, you will see your ball control improve drastically.


  • Increases your speed of play
    Juggling is important because it allows the player, when needed, to flick and chip passes, shots, and move past their opponent with a bit more ease. Being able to properly trapping the soccer ball on the field in game situations is also a big benefit of learning how to juggling. Trapping passes out of the air allows you to be one step ahead of your defenders to prevent them from getting the ball.


  • Ignites your volley
    Have you ever seen a goal scored where a ball is crossed from the sideline into the middle of the field only to see someone volley the ball into the net?The only way they can do that is because of all the countless hours the practiced juggling a soccer ball.So these are a few reasons why it is so important to learn this skill.



The best players can juggle the soccer ball period.  As I mentioned earlier a soccer player should be putting in 10-15 minutes before and after every practice, practicing this skill.


The only way you get better is by practicing every day!


I will say it again, don’t be that coach or player that thinks juggling is a waste of time!


It is so beneficial and has helped improve my game, as well as, many other pro soccer players.


There is a proper way to juggle and everything you have read in this article will help you learn how to juggle a soccer ball in-no-time-at-all if you keep at it.


If you are looking for more information about shooting soccer drills you can read one of my other articles.


Keep working hard!


Always Creating Overcomers,



Coach Up

PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


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