Shooting Soccer Drills – 4 Ways to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power and Accuracy

Shooting Soccer Drills – 4 Ways to Shoot with Power & Accuracy


Get More Power And Accuracy With These 4 Shooting Soccer Drills. Scoring Goals Is A Direct Result Of The Proper Shot And The Proper Placement Of Your Foot.

Do you want to score goals and be the hero of the game? If so, your shot has to have power behind Soccer Shooting Drillsit. Below I will cover some shooting soccer drills that will give you the most power in your shot. It will cover the right way and wrong way of shooting with power.

Let’s first take a look at the wrong way so we can avoid it during the game as soon as possible.


The Wrong Way To Kick a Soccer Ball – Taking A Shot Incorrectly


Have you ever been driving down the road thinking you are going the right way only to realize you have been going the wrong way the whole time?


Okay…Maybe that was just me….


Struggling soccer players today wonder why their shot doesn’t have power behind it only to find out that they have not been coached properly (the wrong road) and have been shooting the soccer ball wrong their whole short career.


Here are a few reasons why your shot may not be powerful enough…


  • You are leaning back when you shoot rather than leaning over the ball.
  • You kick with your toe rather than your laces.
  • You are off balance rather than being stable.
  • You are shooting for power rather than technique
  • You lack confidence rather than believing in your skills.

Now let’s take a look at the correct way so we can take our game to another level.


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Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power and Accuracy –


Shooting the soccer ball is probably the most complicated part of your soccer skills.


Many coaches today work on every other skill, but forget about teaching their players the right way to shoot a soccer ball.


Often time’s teams are losing games because they are having a hard time putting the ball in to the back of the net.


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Everyone knows that you have to score goals to win games!


Here are a few tips on how to shoot a soccer ball with power and Accuracy…

  1. Body Posture
  2. Position of your foot
  3. Be positive
  4. Follow through after shooting

Body Posture;

Most younger, inexperienced, players don’t realize how important body posture is when striking the ball! In one of my recent posts, Soccer Passing DrillsIncreasing Your Passing Accuracy, I go over a players body posture should be while playing the game. If you have not already read that article I recommend you read it before going any further.


The Position of Your Foot;

The position of your foot while shooting the ball is essential. It will determine if you get momentum behind your shot or not.Make sure your plant foot (non-kicking foot) is next to the ball, but a couple feet away from the ball horizontally.You want to have your ankle locked and toe down making sure you are using your laces. The direction of your foot will change depending on where you want to shoot the ball.


Be Positive;

Get rid of the “I can’t” mentality and believe that the ball is going to go into the net!Again, what I see younger players do when trying to score, even when they have gotten pass the last defender, is they focus solely on the goalkeeper when shooting.A soccer goal is very large and there is a lot of space between the post and the goalkeeper but because the player’s focal point is the goalie and not another portion of the larger opening, they tend to kick the ball right directly at the goalkeeper.Players often times miss scoring a goal, because mentally they are not focused on where they want the ball to go or they go into their shot believing they are going to miss.


As a player you should be visualizing yourself scoring goals regularly. Therefore, picture where you want the ball to go and then shoot that ball into the back of the net.


Follow Through After Shooting;

If you are practicing the right technique, then you will land on your kicking foot after you strike the ball.This will help keep the ball low creating more power and momentum as you strike the ball.The higher you lift your toe after you shoot the higher your shot will be.




Shooting technique is more important than shooting power


If you work on your technique first…U6 Soccer Shooting Drills


…the power behind your shot will naturally happen.




…by changing your shooting techniques and starting to do more shooting drills I promise that you will start scoring goals more often and maybe even become the team hero.


Take some time today to practice all these tips tricks at and you WILL become a better player.

Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up


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Sarah Renee

Thanks for sharing your tips on shooting soccer drills-power and accuracy. As a player myself back in the day, I now have a 6 year old wanting to learn the game! These tips have freshened my mind and given me great ideas so I can help my daughter be the best she can be!


Hi Sarah! I am so glad that these drills have helped you and your 6-year-old. The game of soccer is amazing and my desire is to help everyone grow in their soccer knowledge.
Let me know if there is any other drills or skills that you would like to see on this site to help you and your kids get to the next level.
You may enjoy my other article soccer ball control drills which I use as a simple workout for my students
Loving, serving, and bringing value to others,
-Coach Phil

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