Soccer Free Kicks – Watch Roberto Carlos Free Kicks

Soccer Free KicksSoccer Free Kicks – Watch Roberto Carlos Free Kicks. Watch This Video Of Roberto Carlos Free Kicks And Learn 5 Things I Took About How To Take Soccer Free Kicks. Has There Ever Been A Better Free Kick Taker?

Roberto Carlos’ was described as “the most offensive-minded left-back in the history of the game”. Roberto Carlos Free KicksPerfecting soccer free kicks like Roberto will have soccer scouts banging your door down to get you to sign up for their team.

Some of his accomplishments are…

  • 3 Champion league titles
  • 4 La Liga titles
  • A World Cup victory in 2002


Not only that but have you seen the free kick he took in 1997 against France in the inaugural match of Tournoi de France?


It is an absolutely sick shot! Actually its a piece of art. It’s beautiful!


And when this guy took free kicks, the crowd would be on the edge of their seats expecting big things to happen.


(WARNING – This video is a very old video! However, if you play soccer, and if you love the game like I do then block out of your mind everything else and study the artwork of this sick free kick and perfect your own)

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Roberto Carlos was an incredible soccer player!


Real Madrid and Brazil’s national soccer team would have been mediocre in his day without his talent and presence on the field.


He was certainly a playmaker!


Wouldn’t you want your fans on the edge of their seats when you take a free kick?


In the remaining part of this article, I will explain 5 reasons why Roberto Carlos had one of the best free kicks in soccer history.


Practice, Practice, Practice –


You won’t master anything if you just try it a few times and then give up.Soccer Training Tips


Again let’s take Roberto Carlos for example…


There is no way he mastered the free kick just by waking up one morning and saying, “I want to master the free kick”.


He spent hours every day focusing on his technique. He focused on where the ball would go when he struck the ball with a certain part of his foot.


And let me just tell you that he probably missed more free kicks than he made in his career, but the ones he made were beautiful and would make the top 10.


You MUST practice and put in the proper work to master the free kick.


I read a quote from a book I read called Pound the Stone by Joshua Medcalf. It said,

“The path to mastery is a lot of things, but most of all, it’s not a straight line”.


So many people today expect themselves to be able to master something in a week or a month or even a year.


Let me tell you from experience that learning something new may take some sweat and tears before mastering it.


There is a lot that goes into taking a free kick and practice is one of those aspects to mastering a free kick.


Not only is practice important, but also being mentally engaged is key as well.


Mentally Engaged –


Secondly, you must be mentally engaged.Coaching Youth Soccer Drills


Soccer free kicks never go in the goal without confidence. When you are taking a free kick, you must have the confidence that the ball is going to go into the net.


Too often players already have made up their mind mentally that they are not going to score or this shot is too hard to make. They are already doomed to failure.


If you watch the beginning of Roberto Carlos’ video, notice how focused he is from the moment he gets the ball to the moment he strikes the ball.


He is dialed in looking at where the goalie is positioned, seeing where the wall is being set up, and already planning how he is going to shoot the ball.


If you are taking a free kick, be focused while preparing for the kick. Go through all your options as you set up your free kick.


Sometimes the best free kicks are a simple pass to a player making a run, but other times you have a perfect angle to score a goal.




Practice and being mentally engaged are important, but don’t forget about your plant foot.


Planting Your Foot –


Yes, your plant foot is the third reason and ultimately important. Soccer Free Kicks


The most common error that I see when training soccer players is the position of their plant foot.


If you haven’t already, check out my Shooting Soccer Drills- 4 ways to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power and Accuracy for some key tips about your plant foot.


When a player takes a free kick, they need to be aware of where their plant foot is while shooting the ball.


Many times players are taking a free kick and their plant foot is located either in front of or behind the ball. This will prevent you from having power in your free kicks.


When you look at the video of Robert Carlos, you will notice where he positioned his plant foot. This allows him to have a powerful shot and to direct the placement of the ball.


After planting his foot in the right place, Roberto Carlos locks his ankle before shooting.


Lock Your Ankle –


Our fourth reason is locking your ankle.Lock Your Ankle Soccer


You hear this a lot from coaches, but what does it actually mean to lock your ankle?


A player that locks their ankle when shooting is like hitting a baseball with a hard bat.


On the flip side, a player with a loose ankle is like hitting a baseball with a pool noodle. It won’t go very far and it won’t have any power.


Reference the Roberto Carlos’ video again and you will see how his ankle is locked before shooting rather than being loose which creates so much more power to his shot.




Keep that ankle locked when shooting or taking a free kick. This will improve your power in your shot and help create a better free kick like Roberto Carlos.


Land On Your Shooting Foot –


Our fifth and final reason that Roberto Carlos had one of the best free kicks in soccer history is Passing Soccer Drills landing on his shooting foot. (Not that there weren’t many other things that went into the preparation of that sick shot)


Not landing on the same foot that you took the shot with is a common mistake I see in a lot of players.


Many times as they take a shot, players are landing on the non-kicking foot.


This could mean you are approaching the ball from the side and your body is twisting as you kick rather than striking the ball straight on.


The proper way to take a free kick is to strike the ball with your ankle locked and then land on your kicking foot.


For a great tutorial check out the beginning of this video:


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Notice that he strikes the ball with his ankle locked and then lands on his kicking foot. This is exactly what Roberto Carlos is doing in his video as well.


Also, notice that both players in each video are keeping their ankle locked the whole time until they land which allows them to keep the ball low.


When striking the ball If you notice your shot going high and missing the goal, check to see if your ankle is staying locked and not pointing up after shooting.


Final Thoughts –


Roberto Carlos’ goal did not happen overnight. He had that mentality of never giving up.


Don’t get discouraged if you continue to struggle with taking free kicks. Keep being positive and work on these 5 simple techniques. It will eventually click.


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Hi Coach Phil! I remember that insane free kick of Roberto Carlos… In fact, probably one of the best free kicks in history. As with so many things in life, you are totally right that it is necessary to practice over and over again to gain the necessary skills. The 5 steps are cool, I did not know for example that it is important with which foot you will land after the shot. I also liked a lot David Beckham’s freekicks. I think, he developed those skills also with a lot of practice.


Hi Mariana! I would agree that this is one of the best free kicks in the history of soccer and David Beckham has some incredible shots as well. Yes! Landing on your kicking foot gives you more power behind your shot. Have you read my Shooting Soccer Drills: 4 Ways To Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power and Accuracy article? If not check it out here:
Loving, Serving, and Bringing Value to others,
-Coach Phil

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