Soccer Warm Up Drills – 7 Pre Game Warm Up Drills

Soccer Warm Up Drills – 7 Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drills


Soccer Warm Up Drills Help Your Body Stay Flexible And Can Help Prevent Serious Injury During A Game. These 7 Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drills Will Help.

Most pro soccer players go through some kind of routine before their match. Actually, some are Soccer Pre Game Warm Up Drillsreligiously fanatical about what they do. Some prepare their bodies to endure the ninety minutes of stress they put on their bodies in many ways but all professionals include themselves in some kind of soccer warm-up drills.


Have you ever been asked to do something that you didn’t want to do?


I will be the first to raise my hand to that question.


I mean if you have been a kid at some point, and we all have, you probably remember your mom telling you to eat your greens before you could leave the dinner table. Let’s be honest, most of us spit that drool right back onto the plate and didn’t want to eat them. Right?




Mom and Dad tell you to take out the trash before school, but you just don’t feel like it, so you make your younger sister do it.


We all have been there at some point where we didn’t want to do what someone was asking us to do and most of the time they only had good intentions. The purpose of telling us those things was to most likely help us in the future in some way.




Youth soccer warm-up drills are not the most favorite thing for most young players but for some reason they seem to always want to grab the ball and start shooting first belting out…


  • “Coach, do we really have to?”
  • “Coach, why can’t I just shoot on the goal?”
  • “Coach, warm-up drills are boring!”
  • “Coach, I am already warmed up!”


I can remember when I used to play soccer in high school the first thing many guys would do was shoot on the goal trying to get the perfect upper 90 shot only to risk a possible injury.


Let’s put an end to players dreading warm-up drills or getting injured. Let’s get them excited about the warm-ups so we can prevent injuries.


This article will be teaching you:


  1. The, what and why of soccer warm-up drills.
  2. Soccer pre-game warm-up drills that keep kids and players engaged.
  3. Team FC Barcelona warm up drill video.


What Are Warm-Ups?


It would be foolish of me to think that everyone knows what warming up means.College Soccer Warm Up Drills


I mean who knows, someone might be thinking to warm up means sitting by a fire drinking hot chocolate after shuffling the snow out of your driveway.


Yes! That is warming up to but not the type I am referring too when we are talking about soccer.


A warm-up is a period of time given to players to stretch and loosen muscles before an intense physical activity.


There are two types of ways an individual/team can warm-up or stretch:


  1. Soccer Dynamic Stretching
  2. Static Stretching Exercises

  • Dynamic – is the idea of creating movement in and out of a position. This type of stretching occurs at the beginning of a warm-up and helps loosen muscles helping them to become less tense. It’s basically loosening up the muscles. I can remember soccer coaches using static stretching for years rather than dynamic stretching and it affected the players and how they played. When I did a little online research I ran across a site that said they discovered one study showing a trainer working out his players dynamically 26,000 times before any major injuries happened. So basically I took from that, that they also believe in using dynamic stretching.



  • Static – is the idea of staying stationary in one position. This type of stretching is used after a workout or physical activity and is used for more of a cool down. A static stretch can be used to create flexibility in a muscle, but be careful not to hold it too long because you could injure a muscle.


Why Should You Warm-Up?


There are many reasons why a warm-up is good before physical activity, but two primary reasons you should warm-up BEFORE physical activity—to increase performance and prevent injuries.


With our rushed busy schedules and other family obligations, too often players are showing up late to practice and missing their warm-ups. They will then jump into a high-performance drill without a proper warm-up to get their muscles loose.


This will hinder player’s performances and could potentially strain muscles that are still tight and have not been properly stretched not to mention cramping up on the field during the match.


How Long Should You Warm-Up?


Everyone is different but generally the younger you are the more flexible you are and the easier it is to get warm.

Soccer Warm Up Drills

My personal opinion and experience tell me that a good 10-20 minutes is a good warm-up as long as you are getting your heart rate up.

This means that your warm-up should start off with some slow movements, but by the end, you should be doing quick movements.

7 Pre Game Warm Up Drills I Use Before A Soccer Match:


These 7 soccer warm-up exercises help me get my blood pumpin! You may want to try them with your earbuds in and listen to your favorite soccer playlist.


I will start off by putting a cone or a ball about 20-30 ft. away from the sideline. Each drill is done twice.


  • Light Jog: Two light jogs to the cone and back. Feel free to do arm circles as well to loosen up your upper body.


  • High Knees: I will then proceed to high knees. This is a very popular exercise and works on getting the blood flowing to your leg muscles. You will begin jogging by lifting your knees high enough without straining your muscles. I recommend putting your hands out with your palms down and hitting your knees with the palm of your hand.


  • Butt Kicks: This is also a well-known dynamic stretch. You will be in a jogging motion by bringing your heels up to hit your butt. This drill is again creating blood flow to your legs.


  • Side Shuffle: Start with your feet together facing sideways. You will move one leg to the side of your body and shuffle the other leg after as you stay in a squatting position. Make sure when you shuffle that you are not on your heels. Rather stay on the balls of your feet with your legs in a squatting position. Once you get to the first cone switch and shuffle the other direction.


  • Side-Rock: This is a drill to dynamically stretch out your groin area. Be careful not to stretch this area too far as it is easy to strain if not done properly. Start in the position you were previously while doing the – side shuffle. Instead of shuffling your feet you are going to rock to the right and to the left feeling the stretch/pulling in the groin area. Take a few steps and start again.


  • High Kicks: This is one of my favorites. High kicks will stretch out your hamstrings. You will be jogging very lightly and every once in a while you will swing your leg in an upward motion trying to touch your toe to your palm. Again, be careful not to extend your leg too far because you could really damage your muscle if you kick too high.


  • Push-up Sprint: Get into a push-up position. When the coach says go, you will push up and then sprint to the cone. Do this a few times with high intensity.


Around The World Passing Drill


You will need a ball, two cones, and a partner. Each player will stand 10 yards apart with one cone in front of them.


The object is to pass the ball around the cones going clockwise or counterclockwise.


This is going to get your body moving and getting you touches on the ball.


If you go clockwise then you will receive the ball with your right foot making sure the first touch is at an angle and behind the cone to line you up for the second touch passing with your left foot. But if you pass counter clockwise then you will receive with your left and pass with your right.


Make sure you are on the balls of your feet rather than flat footed and you are passing and receiving like you would in a game.


We are looking for high intensity getting our muscles used to game-like situations.


These are all good soccer warm-up drills for the entire team.


Do you have a favorite warm-up stretch or drill that you do? If you don’t warm up with some kind of soccer drill and just grab a ball and go then you could really hurt yourself and do some serious injury that may prevent you from playing all year long. Not only will this be a bummer for you but if your team is relying on you like I know they are then it is not fair to your team if you neglect the simple warm-up period and become injured in the process.


Lastly, I thought you might enjoy watching this video of how FC Barcelona soccer club warms up before their game.


(If you liked this video let me know in the comments below)



Always Creating Overcomers,


Coach Up


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PS. If you have any experiences or stories (I love to hear your game stories, win or loose) about anything soccer please feel free to leave it below. Or ask me a question and I promise I will do my best to answer it!


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Warm up drills was the only thing to get me motivated on days that I just didn’t feel like moving.
I enjoyed a bit of banter with the team and coping grief from the coach but before you knew I was pumped for action.


Vince! I totally agree with you. Sometimes you get to the field and don’t feel like doing anything. Thankful for those warm-ups.
Loving, Serving and Bringing Value to Others
-Coach Phil


Glad to have run across your page, looks great with lots of information that would be needed if I were into soccer.
Sorry, not much into the soccer scene, my children nor I for that matter, never played it growing up.
It does look like some great warmup exercises to do. Seems to me that there is a lot of running and a person would need to be great shape and warm up a considerable amount to save on injuries.
Keep up the good work.


Hi Bob! Honestly, you could use these warm-up drills for any activity. I use these for soccer and sometimes before an actual workout.
Loving, Serving and Bringing Value to Others
-Coach Phil

Tom Priesmeyer

Good article on soccer warm up drills. I like that you have a few youtube videos to further expound on the message. Although these drills are intended for soccer, they would also be useful for other sports, as well as long distance running. Preventing injury, and improving performance are the result of this important activity. Well done.


Tom! I would totally agree that these warm-up drills can be used for other sports, especially running. I am so glad the youtube videos were helpful. Thank you for your support!
Loving, Serving and Bringing Value to Others
-Coach Phil

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