Soccer Passing Drills – Increasing Your Passing Accuracy

Soccer Passing Drills – Increasing Your Passing Accuracy

Soccer Passing Drills Are Hugely Beneficial To Your Game. Regardless Of Your Position On The Field These Soccer Passing Drills Help With Passing Accuracy…


As a player, being involved in soccer passing drills is hugely beneficial to your game. Youth Soccer Training Drills


Regardless of what position you are playing on the field; you must know how to pass a soccer ball with accuracy. If you cannot pass well, then you will be playing on the bench.


No team will want a soccer player who gives the ball away because of inaccurate passes.


I have three fundamental soccer drills that will take your passing game to the next level.


Before we get to the actual drills some basic questions need to be answered…

  1. What is the proper body posture when passing?
  2. What part of the foot do I pass with?


1. What is The Proper Body Posture When Passing?


One of the biggest mistakes players make when passing the ball is their eyes are on the goal or the player rather than being on the ball. Having your eyes focused on the ball is going to improve your accuracy when passing.


After you master the simple discipline of keeping your focus on the ball when passing, the posture of your plant foot is very important.


Your plant foot should be placed next to the ball in the direction you are passing.


Often times when coaches teach long soccer passing soccer drills to students, players run up to pass the ball and put their plant foot behind or in front of the ball.


This method will only make your accuracy worse. Especially on the long pass!


So, I would instruct the player to make sure when passing the ball that their plant foot is beside the ball in the direction they would want to pass.


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2. What Part of The Foot Do I Pass With?


When playing the game of soccer there are many ways to pass the ball.

The majority of passes will be used with the inside of your foot, but there are times using the outside of your foot or top of your foot is helpful and more efficient.


There are two types of passes you can make.

  1. Short pass
  2. Long pass

The Short Pass:


The short pass is simple and is used for passing to players 5-10 yards away.


After focusing your eyes on the ball and your plant foot is place beside the ball, use the inside of your foot to pass the ball. The inside of your foot is from your heel to your big toe.


However, you do not want to strike the ball with the toe portion of the inside of your foot. Using the toe will make your passes weak.


Rather, you want to make sure that you strike the ball with the base of your foot where the ankle and foot connect. This is the most surfaced area and will make your passes stronger.


The Long Pass:Soccer Long Passing Drills


The long pass is a little more difficult and is used for passing to players 30-40 yards away.


You should have your eyes on the ball and your plant foot placed beside the ball as previously instructed, then with the long pass you strike the ball with the laces of your cleat.



When making the long pass there are a couple technical things to keep in mind:


  • Make sure your shoulders are pointing at your target
  • Plant foot should already be beside the ball and approximately 6 inches away from the ball
  • Passing foot should be out and pointed downward hitting with the laces
  • Keep the ball on the ground or a foot off the ground
  • Follow through with your kick and stay over the ball when striking


Now that we have covered the basics of body posture and foot positioning, we will look at some soccer passing drills. These 3 fundamental soccer drills will help improve your passing accuracy.


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