The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – Stop Wasting Money On Shoes That Don’t Last


How frustrating is it when you have to buy new indoor soccer shoes for you or your kids each year? Not only is it frustrating, but it is also expensive to have to keep buying the best indoor soccer shoes for your child every year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep forking out money just because my shoes fall apart.

It is inevitable, you or your child will go through soccer shoes as a kid goes through his Halloween candy. But I want to see if I can help prevent you from having to get new indoor shoes every season and save you time and money in the long run.

If you play soccer as much as I do, you cut, shoot, and get stepped on during games and practices, knowing full well your shoes are going through the wringer when playing.

That is why for me it is crucial to invest in a good pair of shoes to play in.

However, I am a frugal guy and have hard time buying shoes that are expensive. I tend to always go for the middle-class shoe, but I always regret it because they seem to not hold up as long.

In fact, I was practicing the other day and made two hard cuts right and left; I looked down at my shoe to see that the whole sole of my shoe ripped and half of my foot was hanging out. I bought these shoes 9 months ago ya’ll! Those were the middle-class shoes I was talking about. They were comfortable but lacked in quality.

Why Should You Keep Reading

First, I did all the research for you so you don’t have to do as much research. I needed shoes myself that were quality and comfortable so I decided to share all my research with you to save you time and make it easy for you. When I was looking for shoes, I said to myself, “I wish I had a bunch of information about indoor soccer shoes to make my decisions easier”. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury, but my loss is your gain.

So, here is all my research I found when looking to find the best quality indoor soccer shoes that fit my expectations.


1. Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Goal Soccer Shoe

Who doesn’t love Adidas anything? There is a reason why this shoe and company is still being used by millions of athletes.

Adidas soccer shoe brand has been around for a long time and has an incredible story behind it. Check out the story below.

These Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Goal Soccer Shoe, in particular,¬†are lightweight and fit those that have a wider foot than the average person.

The one thing you don’t want when looking for indoor shoes is for them to be super tight and create discomfort while playing the game.

Pros- Crisp, Clean, and Comfy

First, these shoes are very clean and crisp. I personally am a fan of the clean look on shoes. Too many shoes today are super bright neon colors and I just prefer a cleaner look.

By all means, if you like the bright colors then maybe the other shoes in the list would be a better fit for you but remember that this shoe is super comfortable and is very lightweight, so you may want to comprise the look for the fit.

Second, you are less likely to see scuff marks. We all know that it is just a matter of time before someone steps on your shoes. The worst thing to have is a huge black scuff mark on your brand new shoes.

You are less likely to see the scuff marks when you buy these Adidas shoes.

Finally, these shoes are durable. They are durable because they are made with kangaroo leather. From what I know, kangaroo leather is super strong. Not only that but the leather allows for any foot to mold into the shoe to create a comfortable fit.

p.s. Just be aware that Adidas shoes tend to be bigger so make sure you try a size lower than your original size first to make sure they fit correctly.

2. NIKE Men’s Mercurial X Victory VI CR7

Anything with the letters CR7 after it deserves a bit of time drooling over. If you don’t know what CR7 stands for than let me help you.

CR7 was named after, Cristiano Ronaldo (#7), possibly the greatest soccer player to ever play the game. Now, just because it has CR7 doesn’t mean it is a perfect shoe but it was made for soccer players to be comfortable when playing and for those with narrow feet.

Pros- Outstanding Traction and Ankle Support

If you have ever bought any indoor shoes the main thing you should look for is a shoe with great traction. There are many other things you should look for, but the worst thing is for your shoes to slip on those futsal courts. This shoe has the traction you need!

I remember going to Brazil in 2011 and playing on some amazing indoor soccer courts. CLICK HERE to check out my story.

The shoes I took to Brazil struggled with the traction and I was slipping everywhere. This didn’t prevent me from scoring on the Brazilians, but it played a factor in my game.

If you are wondering what I did on my soccer Brazil trip? Check it out here.

Also, what I absolutely love about this shoe is the ability to have a little ankle support with the ankle sleeve that is attached as well as the tongueless detail.

I currently wear some Nikes with the ankle support detail and has the tongueless feature. Why would you not want a tongue? The reason for this is to create a tighter fit which is super helpful when playing soccer and allows your feet to feel the ball better and feel more secure.

Cons- Too Tight for Me

Like I said before, I have wide feet and so this shoe is a little snug on my feet. I feel like I have no room to breathe even when I try on a half size above my original size. Now, that doesn’t mean this is the case for you, so I would just suggest that you try on both your size and a half size bigger if you can just to see if it makes a difference.

3. Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango Turf Soccer Shoes

The shoes that let you get to the field five minutes before game time and slip on your shoes without tying them.


I don’t recommend arriving 5 minutes before game time. You should warm-up and stretch, but how amazing does it feel when you don’t even have to tie your shoes before playing soccer? All you have to do is slip these babies on and you are scoring goals and dribbling around people like Messi.

You are probably thinking, “How in the world do these shoes get tight enough for me to play in them without tying them?”. I thought the exact same thing. It is crazy that they have made a shoe that gives proper support and allows you to be mobile to play at a top-level.

Pros- Incredible Design and Mobility

I am in love with this design! I am not a guy who likes flashy shoes, so I probably wouldn’t go for the neon orange look. However, the option to choose blue and white is perfect.

Also, if you are playing soccer on turf the Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango Turf Soccer Shoes will help you be more mobile. The sole of the shoe is built specifically for turf with a softer cleat like sole for quick movements and change of direction.

At first glance, it looks like the sole of the shoe is hard but the sole is built with a rubber material and allows you to have great ball control. To be honest, this shoe feels like you don’t even have shoes on when playing.

Cons- Breathability

I have never had a problem with Adidas shoes not being breathable, but a couple of people did mention in reviews that this shoe was not breathable and the heel became unstitched after wearing them a few times. I have not experienced this, however, that isn’t to say it wouldn’t happen occasionally like any shoe.

4. Adidas Men’s Predator Indoor Shoe

Do you remember that time when you were playing Futsal and your shoes decided to have no grip so you embarrassed yourself by doing the splits?

Yup! That happened to me countless times. It’s really embarrassing when your opponent makes you look silly and scores on you. That happened to me as well!

In fact, I can think back on a pair of shoes that I constantly had to lick my hand and rub the bottom of my shoe just to make my shoe stick. I would do this over and over again during any futsal match and it kind of gets old after a while.

This rarely happens with the Adidas Predator shoes and I say rarely because I have to give that possibility that it could happen.

Pros- Reviews & Comments

Now, I know you can’t always believe all the reviews and comments because every shoe fits each player differently and each player has different preferences, but I would say Reviews and Comments sometimes make or break my decision to get a shoe or not.

I mentioned that I struggled before finding a shoe that had good grip regardless of the court or field. Hearing what this reviewer had to say about these shoes was a game changer for me. I was sold on everything else but was skeptical about the grip on the shoe.

A reviewer mentioned that he used these Adidas Men’s Predator Indoor Shoe on a dusty futsal field and the did the job. He had a good grip without slipping. A big reason that he probably had success is that the sole of these shoes is thin on top which helps with ball control and helps you grip the ball better. The back of the shoes is thicker which will help with making cuts faster and being able to maneuver past opponents.

I also love the mesh material that supports your ankle which gives you a snug fit and better ball control.

Cons- The Material

I would have to say I am a little concerned about the material on the top of the shoe. It looks like it is netted and I have had bad experiences with shoes that were like that. Within time my guess is my toe would make a hole in the front of the shoe and the mesh would tear.

5. Adidas Men’s Messi Turf Soccer Shoes

When it comes to design, I would say this shoe would be my top shoe. I am in love with both red and black together. In fact, you probably notice that my website is that color. But no one will buy a shoe just because of the way it looks. It needs to fit well and it needs to hold up well in games and matches.

So why did the Adidas Men’s Messi Turf Soccer Shoe make my top 5 list?

Pros- Designed by Lionel Messi

In my opinion, Messi is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) in the soccer world. There is so many people that debate this specific topic but now is not the time to get into it. We are talking about the shoes that Messi wears to be the G.O.A.T.

One of the most comforting things for me when looking at these shoes was seeing Messi’s name on the shoe.

Why is that comforting?

If the shoe was made for Messi, you better believe the shoe is designed in such a way that Messi approves. You wouldn’t put your name on something if it didn’t fit your expectation and the same goes for Messi. He wouldn’t put his name on a shoe and not like the design and the¬†comfortability of the shoe.

When you are looking for a soccer shoe, you want to find a shoe that is going to be light and comfortable. This is what we find here with Messi’s shoes. I explain to countless people that you need to find shoes that make you feel like you aren’t wearing any. If a soccer shoe is super heavy it will slow your play down and it will feel super uncomfortable while playing.

Cons- The Only “BUT”

Would you agree that every shoe fits people in different ways?


Even though the Messi Turf shoes are Adidas, you may want to get them a half size up from your original size.

For Example:

  • Size 10 would be 10 1/2
  • Size 8 would be 8 1/2

I have heard that some people bought their original size and it fits them perfectly, but it is totally up to you.

Normally Adidas shoes run big and are for people with wider feet, but for some reason, this is not the case for these shoes.


At the end of the day, IT IS ALL UP TO YOU!

Like I said before, each shoe fits each person differently. Not everyone will agree with what I liked and disliked about each shoe. I have my own expectations when it comes to indoor soccer shoes, but I promise once you find those shoes that fit you perfectly, you will know.

Now get out to the field, work hard, and BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM with those new kicks.

If this was helpful, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you liked or what other things you would like me to write about it. Don’t forget to share with your friends!



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Hey Coach great to see you are still working hard! This article is really helpful for those who are trying to compare the best indoor soccer shoes. Also, I don’t know why I remember this but for some reason I do and it’s that you love the Adidas brand don’t you? I can remember watching you play back a few years ago and you had a pair of gold Adidas soccer cleats on. I think you were the only player on the field that day with a pair of colored game cleats. Do you still have those pair of cleats?


Hey RandallPaul! I do love the Adidas brand. One of the biggest reason is Adidas shoes normally run big and have extra space for those with wider feet. That is so funny you remember those cleats! Unfortunately, I had to retire those cleats.

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