U10 Soccer Drills – Soccer Training Tips To Become A Better Player

U10 Soccer Drills


U10 soccer drills are essential for producing great players and a top notch soccer team at this early age. Youths are required to do exercises that are not so much different from other big players with the only difference being the intensity of the drills.


These drills help young players to develop, perfect and maintain soccer skills and techniques. Beginning practice from an early age of ten years and below serves to create a great soccer foundation for kids in terms of fitness and technique. These kids, however, can lose interests in some drills very fast. As such, coaches are required to make the drills sessions fun yet competitive so that kids do not lose interest in them. Use these soccer training tips to become a better player or to help someone else become a better player.


The following are some of the best U10 soccer drills to improve kids’ soccer skills;


Soccer Conditioning Drills.

Soccer conditioning drills are designed to help enhance as well as maintain the physical fitness of a player. These exercises are very essential, but

many players often overlook them. Most young players dislike conditioning drills because they are very tiring. It is, therefore, the responsibility of a

coach to ensure these drills are enjoyable and less exhausting so that kids can like them. Having kids do these exercises at a tender age does not only make them to be fit but also creates a foundation for their athletic development.


Fitness Drills For U10 Players.

Soccer Conditioning Drills


  • Figure Eight

This drill involves players running from one point to another in a form of figure 8. The players can sprint on the outside ends to avoid colliding. Players acquire speed, acceleration, and deceleration from this exercise.


  • Wind Sprints

When doing wind springs, six cones are placed on the same line with 10 yards apart. Players then lineup along the starting line. A player then sprints to the first cone then turns and jogs back to the starting line, sprints to the second cone then jogs back to the start line again. The players will repeat this until the sixth cone. You may decide to set up fewer cones depending on the age of your players.


  • Shuttle Runs

Shuttle runs help players gain speed, acceleration, and agility. To do these runs it requires about five cones that are 10 yards apart. Players are then expected to run from the first cone to the second and back to the first one as fast as possible. This process is repeated from the first cone to the third cone, first to fourth and first to the fifth cone.


  • Ball Jumps

These jumps help players to have strong legs. Ball jumps require a ball or cone to be placed on the ground. A player then keeps their legs together while jumping vertically and laterally over the cones to land on the opposite sides. Players should ensure they land on both feet. This should be repeated quickly for up to 1 minute for each player.



Passing and Shooting Drills

Great passing is vital for any good player. The best passing teams are always better placed to score from any place of the pitch as they can make defense-splitting passes. They also dictate the play and can, therefore, conserve energy. The following are some of the drills that can help young players make accurate passes. These can be long passes, short passes, crosses or even side foot passes.


  • Passing into The Square

This drill helps players make accurate passes while improving the velocity they put on the ball.

Soccer Shooting Drills

In a game, you can’t always play a hard pass or a soft pass. So be make sure not to kick the ball too hard or too soft when passing. You have two grids that have four cones 5 feet apart creating a square. Each grid is about 10 yards from the other. Players stand in one square and kick the ball into the other square ensuring it stops inside the square. After each player has kicked their ball to the other square, they proceed to that square and repeats the process to the next square. The player with the most balls inside the squares will be
declared the winner.


  • 1 vs 1 Diamond Shooting Drill

In diamond shooting drill, four cones are set in the shape of a diamond about 15 yards from goal. These cones are then placed 8 yards from each other. The players then stand near the cones with the player standing at cone 1 having the balls. The player at cone 1 the passes the ball to the opposite player standing at cone 2 who then passes it to the opposite player standing at cone 3. The player at cone 3 finally passes the ball to the player at cone 4 who then shoots at goal. If the player misses, they become the goalkeeper, and the players rotate from one cone to the other. This drill is loved by most players because it is fun and has a competitive nature.


  • Cone Knock Down Contest.

This contest involves creating a grid with several cones set up at the center of the grid. Players then stand at the edge of the grid and try to knock the cones down to win points. This drill is varied by specifying how the passes are made; by the inside or outside of the
foot or even by using the left or right foot. The team that knocks down the most cones wins the challenge.


Fun Soccer Drills

  • Clean Your Room

You are required to make a grid of about 10 by 10 yards. Assign one player probably the defender to be a room cleaner. The work of the room cleaner is to knock other players’ balls out of the gird. Every player except the room cleaner should have a ball. The player whose ball is hit out of the grid can be made to do eight jumping jacks. The idea is to have the room cleaner kick every player’s ball out of the grid.


  • 7 vs 7 Scrimmage

This is a great drill to end training sessions to allow players put into practice what they learned during training. There is a need to create a grid of about 50 by 40 yards with full-size goals on each end. The players are then split into 7 vs 7 teams. Each team should have six outfield players and one goalkeeper.


Alien Tag Soccer Game

An area of 20 by 20 is created which should be given the name mars. Two players are given balls and they will be called aliens. The other players stay in the grid without balls, and they are called spaceships. The idea is for the spaceships to avoid being by the balls (space rocks). If an alien hits the spaceship with the space rock, the spaceship must fall into the ground and make some noise to make the game interesting for the kids. The spaceship can then go out of the grid to be repaired. This repair may include doing several jump jacks.


Dribbling and Ball Control DrillsSoccer Ball Control Drills

These drills are important in helping get past their opponents as well as protecting the ball against another player. This will also help in improving their first touch. Some of the drills to do include;


  • Earthquake

A big square to allow for free dribbling should be set up. Players then dribble around the coach and making sure they don’t knock one another. The coach should put pressure on slow dribbling players. When the coach shouts ‘earthquake’, each player should leave their ball and find another one. A player who fails to find another ball in time should run around the square several times.


  • Thigh Trap, Head Trap, and Chest Control

These traps and controls can be done by having one player throwing a ball to the other who then tries controlling it with the head. This should be alternated between the thigh and the chest. The player can also try lifting the ball from the ground with their feet the trap it on the chest or thigh.


These drills are supposed to be alternated between different training sessions, avoiding doing the same exercises for two consecutive sessions. This way children will find the sessions less monotonous and more enjoyable. With fun, children are more likely to
grasp the coach’s ideas first.


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